Anne Durling's Poem inspired by the First Feller Reunion Meeting

3 girls and 8 boys
old habits die hard
segregated at the table like in school

some are portly, some  are thinner
some are bald and some are slimmer
Who cares! that is just our body shell
we are still (chique and swell)

Remember notes we passed under the iron door
if we didn't get caught there would be more

The  boys outnumbered the girls
what a glorious sight
some fought to have the right
to ask a girl out Saturday night

Prefects ruled our very life
telling us what to do our whole school life

for some it was a power trip
for others it was fun
don't sweat it
the damage has been done

we put on plays and sang songs
and everyone got along

our beds were inspected every day
to make sure a blanket did not go astray
to make sure they were laying the right way

Each week we took turns to serve at table
to check out the guys and their buns
that we would discuss after the meal was done

Independence and responsibility we learned young
washing our own clothes and toilets
wasn't the best of fun

walking with a guy down by the quarry
suddenly the couples disappeared in a flurry
where did they go?
what did they do?
Oh!  Dont you have a clue?
I think the teachers were blind
as we lolled behind
to get a quick kiss
and some a quick fix

Where are the teenage years
where did they go?
they are still inside us
don't you know?

we longed for independence and 21
so we could start to have some fun

out of school we became the fools
work, marriage, baby carriage
we lost the fun that had been so easily won
in  youth
maybe we were aloof and uncouth
now tell the truth

we never realized we had the cat by the tail

hoping to re-gather together
no matter  what the weather
sisters and brothers flocking together

to get a treat
we would go down the street
to Auclair's store
to feed our face some more
Pepsis and Mae Wests were the order of the day
no wonder my beautiful figure faded away

a prisoner of war camp is where we  were at
what I would give to have it all back
our hormones were raging
oh what fun
to walk with a boy in the afternoon sun

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