First indications of Feller's problems were articulated as early as 1959.

The Feller Inquiry

Dr Norman France had suggestions which might have saved Feller in August, 1966.

Recomendations for the Development of Feller College

This was followed by a Special Report completed in November, 1966 by H. E. Strub.

A Special Report on the Grande Ligne Mission and Feller College

This included an analysis of condition and future of the Feller building by a prominent architect.

The George F. Eber report

A rather desperate public meeting on the future of Feller was held in February, 1967.

Public Meeting on the Future of Feller College

Four days later a meeting was held with both the Board of the Grande Ligne Mission and the Board of Management of Feller. It lasted until the wee hours of the morning. It must have been a stormy meeting. Chairman John Dozois was congratulated for simply keeping order. This was the meeting that decided Feller would be closed by moving that Feller "not" be closed.

The Joint Meeting

The death of Feller College was announced in a peculiarly Sixties way: as merely "changes". As if this was perhaps not the end but rather a new and better beginning.

Feller College - Changes

A future for Feller, which never was to be, was already envisioned by a special committee, as expressed in this undated document.

Special Study Committee