My name is Carmen Paquin, Class of ’62, chairperson of the Search Committee tasked with locating over 4,000 students and staff (most of whom do not even suspect that they are lost).  This is a major task - impossible for me to do by myself.  I’m hoping to coax you (and everybody else) to help this committee

Once you get into it and start to get the hang of it, some of you may find searching quite a bit of fun.  You may get to feeling like Super Sleuth and find yourself getting way behind in your crossword puzzles.   And, when you finally track down that elusive classmate and hear how happy they are to hear from you after all these years, it really beats the daylights out of finally finding that missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle. 

I have put together some instructions and suggestions, keeping them simple just in case you are new to computers.  If you encounter difficulties while trying to find someone, send me the particulars and I will try to lend a hand.  I have access to contacts all around the world and perhaps one telephone call will connect you with your old school friend.  As soon as you find someone, send me particulars so others don’t waste time and effort searching for someone who is already found.  Check with me and check the list – maybe the person is already located.  Please be patient if I don’t respond immediately; there is so much to do!

Keep in mind that not everyone wants to be found and we must respect that.  Please let me know if you discover such a person.  I have a category for “does not wish to be found at this time.”  If someone does not wish to be found then we can advise others who may be searching for them.  When you do find someone who is happy to have been found, please avoid publicly posting their location information, unless they specifically request you to do so.  Addresses and telephone numbers are confidential and will not be released without prior permission from the person(s).  If acceptable to the person(s) found, share your new-found old friends.  Get them to contact me by email (if available) or by snail mail (see info below), to have their name added to the list on the Feller site.  The information will then be entered into the main database.  I’m keeping track of where we’re at, so if they have no email, ask them to indicate if they would like their telephone number to be made available on an individual basis to ex-Fellerites who request it.  I repeat, the telephone number will be given only to ex-Fellerites, and only with the owner’s permission, otherwise all information is to be used only for planning the reunion.  Addresses will not be given to anyone.  Email is preferred as this provides a contact that reveals almost nothing about the person’s actual location, except sometimes an area code, a province, or a country.  Most email addresses could be anywhere on this planet.  And the email arrives in minutes!

The information gathered is entered into a database designed and operated solely by me, so please remember to give me everything you have.  When the time comes to pull out what we need, it must be accurate.  If you have any problems searching, contact me.

If you need instruction on how to surf and/or chat try your local library for lessons. Anyone without access or having difficulty from home should check with the library. You can print this and take it to the library or a friend.  They often offer free coaching for seniors, and free internet access.  If you don’t have your own computer you might want to reconsider.  Many of our age group who previously thought computers were not for them are discovering differently.  Just the email alone, once you get the hang of it, can make you wonder how we ever got along without it.  It can also be a lot of fun to join in on a conversation of old school friends from years ago and learn what they’ve been up to.  Ask around for a second-hand oldie but goodie computer.  You don’t need a powerful one for the internet and email and many older computers can handle it just as well as the latest fancy new ones.  Older is better! ...or something like that.  Speed connection is important so check with your cable company or telephone company for what is called “high speed internet access. ” Check out paying a flat rate for a year ahead and you might get a discount. 

I mention all this because a search is time-consuming if you have only a little bit of information.  When you search, your information must be accurate and if you are unsure, leave a blank.  Remember – we need to find as many people as possible as quickly as possible.  Remember to pass on your finds.  Email me when you get stuck.  And we need someone for advertising/ publicity.  Know someone?

Here are some sites I have discovered that can be really useful for finding people.
- (All Canada White Pages) Find a Person, scroll down for postal codes - People Finder, Canada or International, Reverse Lookup has a map - Try typing in telephone numbers - Under article search, type the word reunion (lots of articles) - (internet address finder world-wide) – need an email (domain) address
- Browse and you will find Feller
- Click on read, back issues, Jan-Jun 1996, Feb 1996 Lost Friends List* (article)
- Military, church, census, newspapers (go crazy)
- U.S.A.
- U.S.A. (pay for use)
- U.S.A.
- U.S.A.

* Women who change their names are more difficult to find.  These "Lost Friends" lists are excellent.

More...?   Okay!

Any time you see the box for “Search the Web” in  the above, type in the word reunion, or class reunion, or school reunion (more articles).

An old-fashioned library search is a must for cross references, past directories, City Hall records, etc. Get instructions from the librarian.

Cellphone numbers cannot be found.

Send us your ideas.

Finally, I will be travelling and unavailable from June 22nd til about July 20th 2001, so you have to keep the ball rolling while I’m gone.

Good Luck!

Carmen Paquin,
Secretary, Feller Reunion Committee
Chairperson, Search Committee
251-3044 Bloor Street West, 
Toronto Ontario M8X 2Y8

November 2000. Updated June 2001.

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