Held September 15, 2000 in Kirkland, Quebec.

In Attendance: Jocelyn Auclair, Brian Babb, Anne Durling, Peter Donaldson, Rick Elger,
Arthur Grannary, Jean Claude Girodo, Michel Girodo, Albert St. James,
Ian St. James, Isabelle St. James

1. The group met as planned in the Brasserie Le Manoir in Pointe Claire.  The venue was changed to Casa Vecchia Restaurant on St. Charles Road in Kirkland.  The surroundings were more conducive to private discussion.

2. Rick Elger addressed the group.  He expressed his thoughts that the web site has grown beyond his expectations.  His personal thoughts regarding the reunion is that it should be a “one shot deal”.  It should be the best and last reunion.  No date has been finalized.  His objective is to find more Feller Alumni.  He has pledged to continue his web site and post whatever information is required to achieve our goals.  Although he will continue to support this committee, his schedule is such that he will not be directly involved in the day-to-day planning of the proposed reunion.

3. Michel Girodo presented his vision of what a reunion might include entitled “How Important is our Personal Feller History”.  This was a very interesting subject, and left us with some food for thought.  His three main topics included:

· What do we want to do?
· How do we want to do it?
· What will it take to get it done?
· Michel volunteered to draft a news release for the purpose of advertising the event and attracting former students.

4. There were more discussions, about dates, locale, bank account and free community advertising.  There was a lot of interest in chatting with Jocelyn Auclair who lives in St. Blaise, Quebec, and has contacts with the Union of Baptist Churches.  This is the organization that operates the Roussey Memorial Church, and has taken over from La Mission de la Grande Ligne.  She has taken on many tasks, one of which is getting a copy of Feller Enrollment Lists on a year-by-year basis. This will help us find as many Alumni as possible.

5. Ian St. James took on the task of Chair for the evening.  He has also agreed to continue working on updating a Feller Alumni list.  We are very interested in locating older Feller Alumni.
6. Isabelle St. James volunteered to take the minutes of the meeting and pass them on to Rick for distribution to the Alumni.  She also agreed to draft a letter for the purposes of opening a bank account working closely with Ann Durling.

7. Jean Claude Girodo passed on many ideas and thoughts on how to organize a reunion as he has experience in this area.  His thoughts and ideas were very valuable.  In addition, JC expressed a concern that any planned events have some bilingualism.


1. It was AGREED that the first priority is to find more Alumni.  Before any further actions can be taken, it is essential that more alumni members be located via internet searches, phone books, contacts and networking.  Rick Elger will update the list.  Rick will post a full student enrollment list on the website to assist in the search when he has received it from Jocelyn Auclair.
2. It was AGREED that no firm reunion plans would be undertaken until additional alumni were located.  The number of people is yet undetermined.
3. It was AGREED that more membership in the planning committee is needed to execute a successful reunion.
4. It was AGREED that the next status meeting would be held in 6 to 8 weeks at a venue to be announced.

Isabelle St. James
September 16, 2000

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