The following have indicated either that they will attend or will probably attend the Reunion October 19 - 21, 2001.


Lucy Anex (Pelly) with Bruce Pelly

Denise Auclair

Jocelyne Auclair 

Marilyn Auclair (Mills) with Bob Mills

Marnie "Mary-Lou" Austin (Lavigueur) 

Brian Babb with Jan Babb

Marian Bedoukian (Sinn) 

John Bloxham 

Bernard Boisvert with Françoise Boucher

Louise Booth (Talbot) with Fellerite John Talbot

Barbara "Babs" Bramley (Netten) 

Sondra "Sandy" Brayden (Vale) with Michael Vale

Carolyn Bullen 

Ken Campbell 

Howard "Chappy" Chapman 

Gwendy Cogswell 

Christine "Chris" Cole (Mather)

Bill Crompton with Patricia Crompton

Roberta Cumming 

Tanya David (Hemming)

Yvan "Dep" Deputter with Éliette Chouinard

Connie Doe (Kuber) 

Judy Doe (Boyce)

Peter Donaldson with Colette Duhamel

Anne Durling (Bordeleau) with Bernard Bordeleau

Rick Elger with Roxane Majeau

Tony Feist with Nina Peritz

Wayne "Head here” Foley with Welda Foley

Rev Charles Foster with Elma Cumming

Russell French with Melissa Morris-French

Pasteur Léo Gagné avec Louise Moffatt

Marcel Gagné 

Eveline Georges

Mona Georges (Haniff)

Arthur Grannary with Dianne Grannary

Doreen Grannary (McFadden)

Glen Graves with Mary Graves

Patricia "Grubby" Greenop (Plourde) with Robert Plourde

Clifford Gregory

Harold Grevatt with Fellerite Camellia Masseau

Bob Grevatt with Denise Grevatt

Klaus Haessler

Howard Hanna with Sharon White

Frankie Harper 

Sylvia "Pee-Wee" Harper (Johns) with Ted Johns

Ann Holden (Neville) 

Doris Hoy (Paradis) 

John Ironside with Karen Ironside

Ross Jarand with Johanne Sabourin

Louise Jeffereys (Finlayson) 

Vicki Kavanagh (Barham) with Christopher Barham

Saima Kavander (Kivinen)

Andy Kolesnikow with Linda Berryman

Olive Kunzli (St James) with Fellerite Albert St James

Emile Lacombe with Huguette Beaulieu

Michel Lacombe with Jean Lacombe

Jacques "French frog, Swamp singer" Lafontaine with Carol Lafontaine

Lucien Lafontaine with Anne-Marie Beaulieu

Gilbert "Gibs" Lafrance 

Jean Pierre Lafrance 

Serge Lafrance

Havelock Lunan 

Phyllis MacKenzie (Black)

David Mahaffy

Camellia Masseau (Grevatt) with Fellerite Harold GREVATT

Doug Masson with Toni Masson

Floyd Maybee 

Ken Maybee with Joan Maybee

Nelson McArthur with Carol Palmer

Norman McBride with Mary McBride

Andy "Horse" McCullough

Doug Moore

Elizabeth "The nurse" Mottishaw (Loewen)

Carol "Casserole" Myers (Elliott) Jack Elliott

Doris Nevers 

Sharon Oliver Gowling

Diane O'Neil

Carmen Paquin

Georges Paquin with Jeannette Gilker

Suzanne Paquin (Sevigny) with Fellerite Roger Sevigny
Pat Parsons (Devost)

Peter Payan with Joyce Payan

Lucien Perras with Thelma Dawson

Marianne Petit-Clerc

Bruce "Juicy Brucie" Pettinger

Ken "Henry" Phelan

Lorne Plunkett with wife Diane Plunkett

Anne Reid (Sworn) with Ray Sworn

Bill Reid with Fellerite Elizabeth Rolleston (Parkinson)

Anne Robinson

Lois Robinson (McCaig) with Harold McCaig

Elizabeth Rolleston (Parkinson) with Fellerite Bill REID

Andrea Rossy (Monsour) with Doug Monsour

Terry Russell with Cecilia Russell

Dick Rylander

Robert Scullion

Jane Seeley (Bisson) with Bill Bisson

Steve Celand Selby

Roger Sevigny with Fellerite Suzanne Paquin

Gary "Dutchy" Sheepwash with Susan Sheepwash

Dave Small with Mary Small

M Eugene Smith with Margaret Smith

Albert St James with Fellerite Olive Kunzli

Gail St James 

Gerald "P'tit John" St James 

Gilles St James with Jackie St James

Ian St James

Rene St James with Donna St James

Robert St James with Naida St James

John Talbot with Fellerite Louise Booth

Craig Taylor with Martha Staton

Nigel "Nick" Taylor with Janet Taylor

Wendy Todd (Moore) 

Leslie Wilcox with Céline Bédard





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