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Mr. H. E. Strub
1 Place Ville Marie
Montreal 2, Quebec.

November 18, 1966
Re; Feller College


Dear Mr. Strub:

Following our visit to Feller College last week-end and having read Recommendations for the Development of Feller College, we would like to answer your questions as follows:


The building could be redivided to accomodate the four houses, but I wish to point out that the building is of very inflexible construction and a truly functional arrangement could not be achieved. In addition I would like to point out that a multitude of problems arise immediately one tries to make extensive alterations in a building of such age. To begin with the moment you start altering I am quite sure that you have to accomodate a multitude of By-laws and safety regulations that have not been enforced since the status quo of the building was not changed. Such things as electrical wiring, heating, etc. would have to be completely rebuilt and on the whole many major expenses may occur which one cannot forsee in advance.


In my opinion the building is in a very run down and bad shape, does not comply with the most elementary fire regulations not to speak of other By-laws that may be affected. In my opinion too much money should not be spent on this building.


There is lots of room around the old building for additional buildings. It would seem logical to start off with a master plan, making allowance for a final goal and start with a modest new building programme.

The gymnasium seems worth salvaging and it would be logical to try and relate the new buildings to this structure.


At this stage I would not even dare to attempt an estimate of the cost of item 1.


I would be extremely reluctant to undertake the architectural responsibility for a major alteration in the existing building and I would be able to commit myself on this subject only after further discussions. However, I would be very pleased to assist with advice on how and what to undertake if it can be of help to you, and of course I would be glad to serve as an architect in connection with the master planning and any possible future building programme.


Yours sincerely,