Marcel Carrier

"Passed away on March 29, 2005, in Sainte-Agathe, at the age of eighty-two. He was a socially minded painter and engraver, and high school teacher at the Ste Agathe Academy. Sadly missed by his wife, Jaqueline Girard, dear father of Pierre, Adele (Yves Beaudoin) and Julie (James Smith), and grandfather of Alex-Anne, Laurence, Tristan, Justine, Zoe, Minhan and Jeanne Adele. He will also be missed by his brothers, Gaston (Mary) and Jean (Betty), and sisters-in-law, Rene Keller and Gilberte Girard and nephews and nieces. A burial of his ashes will take place at a later date."

For more info on Marcel Carrier- and to see some of his work go to his virtual gallery.

I knew him well. He was the Dean of Boys starting in 1949 until when, I don't remember. He was a very kind, gentle soul, and a strict dicipliarian. No one but no one got away with anything. I remember having to write 500 lines for leaving my window open about 2" in the winter time. I knew better but forgot to close it when dashing off to class at 3:00 PM. I'm sure he had binoculars and checked out the windows on the boys side of the building. However, if you stuck to the rules he would be fair with you and all would be well.
He and his family lived in the suite over the laundry in the Masse Bldg. Mighty noisy on Mondays but they coped. He was a good teacher and friend and I respected him very much.
Regards - Walter

I remember Marcel Carrier and his wife Jaqueline from the early fifties. These were quality people who were respected by all who knew them. As noted, Marcel was an extremely talented artist as well as an effective teacher and Head Master. I think he was the most qualified and respected Head Master ever to be employed at Feller, bar none. May he rest in peace while we remember the positive lessons and impressions which which he left with all us youngsters who looked up to him.
I was just one of the little kids on third floor wing in the early fifties so we didn't have a lot of direct contact with Mr Carrier but we knew that he was in charge. He would let Mme Parent look after the little ones and got more involved with the older boys. I may have been in one of his art classes at some point, not sure. Trying to remember what he looked like I have a picture of a Perry Como like figure. Good looking average height and build, dark hair cropped short, always neatly combed like Perry Como. Given that he was eighty two in 2005, that would make him only in his late twenties in the early fifties so only about ten years older than the senior boys which would be an advantage for him to better relate to them as opposed to some of the older staff around. I don't remember anybody ever making fun of him or him having a derogatory nick name which indicates a certain level of respect. Maybe Big Doc would remember if he did. He was probably there 'till about '54. I hope some of your older members can tell us more about him. I'm sure the Girodo boys and the St James boys remember him. Does Carmen have anything about him?