At the direct request from members of the executive including the Chairman, these are the official minutes of the Third
meeting.  Being only the messenger in this case, I have opted to accede to the Chairman.  I'm sure I speak for many
when I say that hopefully this difficulty can be worked out to everyone's satisfaction.

Meeting # 3

Thursday, December 28th, 2000
Lachine, Quebec
6:00 pm
In Attendance:
Jocelyn Auclair; Brian Babb, Peter Donaldson, Anne Durling, Rick Elger; Jean Claude Girodo, Mike Lacombe; Carmen Paquin, Peter Payan, Ian St. James; Isabelle St. James


Minutes of Meeting

Reunion Date

The Chairman called the meeting to order at approximately 7:00 PM. Ian St. James informed the assembly that some members of the executive had met informally at Rick Elgers on the preceding afternoon to discuss what business if any needed to be addressed by this assembly. He explained that the time had arrived where it was necessary to either fix a date for the reunion or to formally delay it until 2002. He informed the assembly that there had been a consensus the previous day to fix the date for the weekend of October 19th 2001, and proposed this option to the assembly for their consideration. A lengthy discussion ensued exploring the pros and cons of this particular date and others. After approximately an hour of discussion the chairman reminded the assembly that the option of delaying until 2002 still remained open. There was near unanimous opposition to considering this option. After a further period of discussion, the chairman put the question to a vote and seven members raised their hands in support of Oct 19 2001. There was no call for those opposed.

 People Finding

Carmen Paquin is working on a plan to find Feller Alumni by developing a telephone call system based on area codes. She will keep us informed as soon as she has it in place. It was agreed that we would do a ‘mailing’ to advise people of the date of the reunion, and try and get an indication if they will attend. Isabelle St. James and Carmen Paquin will compose a bilingual letter for this project.

Accommodation, Location and Food

The location committee, temporarily headed by Peter Payan in the absence of Arthur Grannary, had just returned from St. Jean, Quebec. They presented information concerning the Auberge des Gouvenor in St Jean. There was discussion about the benefits of St Jean vs Montral Downtown vs Montreal West Island vs the golf course located near Feller. The committee was asked to research all sites and in particular the Montreal West Island due to it's proximity to Dorval Airport in order that the assembly might make an informed decision when the time comes.


Peter Payan suggested that we advertise in the 50 Plus Magazine both in print and on their web site.

J.C. Girodo having experience with previous reunions made pertinent suggestions and comments concerning advertising and financing. His knowledge of Feller and it's history is much greater than most and Jean Claude agreed to accept responsibility for advertising. Peter Donaldson agreed to help in this endeavour.

Rick Elger will be working with Michel Girodo in structuring the programme of the Feller Revisited Theme. Michel also has information and valuable input concerning the history of Feller and it is expected that Jean Claude will be working with his brother to some extent in this area, the objective being to interest the media in the history of Feller and thereby achieve free publicity. J.C. played a song with moving lyrics by Celine Dion as a possible theme song for our endeavour.

Souvenirs and Memorabilia

Mike Lacombe proposed the publishing of a 'final' L'Echo, as a possible source of revenue, both from advertising and sale to the Alumni. Mike agreed to look into the idea himself and will seek the collaboration of Jean Claude on the feasibility of the project.
Rick Elger showed us a commemorative plate with a picture of the Feller building on it and suggested this might be another way to raise money. Ann Durling and her committee will add this to other items they are considering.

Entertainment & Program

The chairman informed the assembly that following a certain expressed interest and other comments both on the MSN chat site and elsewhere, the entertainment committee was exploring the feasibility and possibility of retaining Bowser and Blue to perform at some point during the reunion. Some concern was expressed as to whether the budget could support such an undertaking as Bowser and Blue are relatively expensive. Brain Babb stated that he would negotiate with the managers of Bowser & Blue to determine what the price would be. He informed us that he had already determined that with B&B would come the equipment and people to provide us with background and/or dancing music during the main event. Rick Elger being present at the table was in a bit of an awkward position but handled it with his usual grace.


Ann Durling reported that donations from the alumni now total over five hundred dollars and so we now have resources for stamps and other sundry expenses. Isabelle St. James inquired as to the guidelines for ‘out of pocket expenses’. The chairman replied that no expense policy manual would be published and he believed that the group could operate simply on the good judgement and honesty of it's members. The assembly concurred that it would be a good idea to keep any receipts..

Next Meeting

No formal date was established for the next meeting. The end of February was cited as the most likely probability should a meeting seem necessary by then.


Ian St. James, January 9, 2001