SUNDAY, 14 January 2001




Jocelyne Auclair (accommodations, memorabilia), Brian Babb (entertainment), Peter Donaldson (advertising), Anne Durling-Bordeleau (entertainment, souvenirs), Rick Elger (Feller revisited), Jean Claude Girodo (advertising), Art Grannary (accommodations), Mike Lacombe (fundraising, transportation), Doug Masson, Carmen Paquin (search), Peter Payan (accommodation), Albert St James (memorabilia), Gail St James, Ian St James (fundraising), Dave Small

With Ian St James in the chair, the meeting was called to order at 1:10 pm in Lachine.  With the absence of Isabelle St James as Secretary, the Chairman requested a volunteer to take notes; Carmen Paquin volunteered.

Chairman Ian St James addressed the assembly, explaining that owing to the circumstances under which the meeting had been called, he asked the assembly’s permission to deviate from accepted routine and address the present state of the executive on a priority basis.

At the request of Ian St James, Albert St James addressed the meeting.  He explained that Isabelle St James had requested of him that he communicate a message to the assembly on her behalf.  He read a prepared statement to the effect that, because of other commitments and travel distance, Isabelle St James wished to inform those present that she would no longer attend meetings or participate in the activities of the Feller reunion committees but would possibly be available as a volunteer with the decorating committee.

Following the receipt of this information from Albert St James, it was moved by Peter Donaldson and seconded by Mike Lacombe, that the assembly withdraw the appointments of Isabelle St James to any and all positions on the committees and declare the positions vacant.  The motion was carried.


The position of Secretary now being vacant, the Chairman called for nominations.  Art Grannary nominated Carmen Paquin.  There being no further nominations; Carmen Paquin was appointed by acclamation.


Due to the extraordinary circumstances of the meeting, no formal agenda was adopted and matters were dealt with on the basis of “business arising.”

ADOPTION OF MINUTES – 28 December 2000, Meeting # 3

The minutes as rewritten by Chairman Ian St James were formally adopted without modification.


Treasurer Anne Durling-Bordeleau, having returned to Montreal the night before, did not present her financial report.


At the initiation of Jean Claude Girodo, the entire assembly expressed its condolences to Anne Durling-Bordeleau on the very recent passing of her father, which is why she was out of town.

Reunion Date

In response to queries by some members of the alumni, and expressions of concern by some members of the committee that more time was needed, the committee reviewed the previously selected date of Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 19th, 20th, 21st of October 2001.  Following discussion, there was a motion to move the reunion date to 2002.  The motion was defeated.  Following further discussion, there was a motion to confirm the original date of 19, 20, 21 October 2001.  This motion was carried unanimously.

Accommodations Committee Report

Arthur Grannary informed the assembly that the accommodations committee would review all available options and present the committee with a comprehensive report and recommendations in due course.

Peter Donaldson suggested a local military base.  He agreed to research the option and forward the results of his findings to the accommodations committee for consideration.


Search Committee Report

Carmen Paquin, Search Committee Chairman, submitted a report of the difficulties encountered trying to find upwards of 3,000 people, especially women, and that much assistance is necessary.  Cross searching-reference is necessary for accuracy, and to be sure we don’t leave anyone out.  Volunteers are requested to get in touch with her so that she may show people how to do it and subsequently assign search subcommittees.  We need a committed attendance list as soon as possible so that we may know how many Fellerites to plan for.  A list of names of those who plan to attend is posted on the website.

Other Business

Two songs were suggested as possible theme songs.  Jean Claude Girodo suggested “Power of a Dream” with moving lyrics by Céline Dion.  Ian St James suggested “When I’m Sixty Four” by the Beatles.


Jocelyne Auclair commented on the perception of outsiders who might refer to our website.  Her remarks suggested a clearer delineation between informal “chat” styles and our minutes in order to present a more business-like appearance for non-Fellerites.  Her comments met with the approval of the assembly and the Chairman who agreed to work with Rick Elger on reviewing the layout and presentation on the website.
Art Grannary moved that in order to minimize errors and/or omissions, the committee should adopt the practice of having the Secretary provide the attendees a review of the minutes at the end of each meeting.  In discussion, Jocelyne Auclair further suggested that the executive should review and approve the final draft of the minutes prior to posting.  This was seconded by Albert St James and carried unanimously.

The location of the next meeting will be at the Relais Gouverneur Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.  The date for this meeting is to be determined by the executive in consultation with the subcommittees.


The Secretary presented the assembly with her overview of the minutes which were found acceptable by all.  The meeting was adjourned at 4:50 pm.


Carmen Paquin, Secretary – 16 January 2001

Ian St James, Chairman
Brian Babb, Vice-Chairman
Anne Durling-Bordeleau, Treasurer

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