In Attendance:

Saturday, May 12th, 2001

Lachine, QC

1:00 pm

Jocelyne Auclair, Brian Babb, Arthur Grannary, Glen Graves, Doug Masson, Carmen Paquin, Peter Payan, Ian St James, Dave Small




The meeting was called to order at 1:50 pm.  The Treasurer,  Anne Durling, was unable to attend due to family obligations requiring her presence in Halifax.  In the interim, Vice-President Brian Babb will be Acting Treasurer.


ACCOMMODATIONS and CATERING REPORT:  The Accommodations and Catering committee - Arthur Grannary,  Jocelyn Auclair, and Peter Payan - made an excellent and thorough presentation. The Relais Gouverneur, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, was recommended as the main venue. The following overall programme was recommended and accepted:


Friday afternoon to Saturday afternoon:  Reception/registration in the Montgomery room of the Relais Gouverneur.

Friday night:  Wine and cheese at the Relais Gouverneur

Saturday morning:  Basketball challenge at the C.M.R.

Saturday evening: Cocktail hour followed by the main banquet and an evening of socialising

Sunday morning:  Church service at Grande Ligne

Sunday midday: Roast beef dinner (Feller dining room style) in the large dinning room of the golf course near the old quarry


The committee will not be responsible for any room reservations. A block of 50 rooms have been set aside by the Relais Gouverneur at $66 for single or double occupancy.  Individuals are responsible for their own reservations.  (Call 1-800-667-3815 or 1-450-348-7376.)  The Relais Gouverneur has just over one hundred rooms in total and arrangements have been made for any overflow to be handled by the Auberge Harris, which is close by. 


Following discussion, the dress recommendation for the Saturday night cocktails and banquet was set as semi-formal. 


The Chairman and others were impressed by the quality and completeness of the presentation, and expressed their thanks for a job well done.


MOTION: Be it resolved that the Accommodations and Catering report be accepted as information. Carried unanimously. 


Although no formal motion was proposed to accept the recommendations of the Accommodations and Catering committee,  their overall presentation received unanimous support and it was agreed that this would be the programme.


A discussion took place on the degree of formality of the proceedings and functioning of the Feller Reunion Committee.  It was proposed that the committee should not burden itself with an obligation to follow a formal business or financial structure to any extent greater than necessary to accomplish our goal – essentially, organising a big party.  This concept met with the everybody’s approval.


The Chairman made representation to the effect that more and more decisions would start being required as we now moved into the details of our reunion plans and suggested that the executive be empowered to act as required.  The following motion was proposed.


MOTION: Be it resolved that the executive, upon consultation with the sub-committees if necessary, be empowered to make decisions, including the expenditures of monies, in all matters pertaining to the Institut Feller Reunion 2001.  Moved by Peter Payan.  Seconded by Glen Graves.  Carried unanimously.


FINANCIAL REPORT:  Submitted by Vice-President/Acting Treasurer Brian Babb.  The financial report was accepted as information. 


ENTERTAINMENT:  Brian Babb as chairman of the Entertainment committee informed the meeting that he had completed negotiations and retained Bowser and Blue as entertainment. At our request they will provide a shortened version of their show with possible tailoring specific to our audience. He explained that Bowser and Blue would also provide sound equipment and music from our era throughout the rest of the evening at no extra charge.  The Entertainment committee report was received as information.  The retention of Bowser and Blue for entertainment received broad support by those present and the following motion was put forth.


MOTION:  Be it resolved that Bowser and Blue be retained as entertainment on Saturday evening; providing music throughout the evening.  Moved by Dave Small.  Seconded by Glen Graves.  Carried unanimously.


Vice-President Brian Babb informed the Feller Reunion Committee that an initial order of 24 T-shirts were a disappointment.  The requested photo of the building had somehow been cropped midway through the boys wing, removing the water tower and the gym.  It was not yet clear who was responsible for the error.  Brian informed the committee that he and Ian would investigate how the error occurred.  If it is discovered to have been the fault of the provider then we will see what recourse we may have.  These 24 T-shirts had been intended for sale to members of the Committee but in their present state they were found unacceptable.  Jocelyne Auclair suggested we give these shirts to any volunteers manning the Feller registration table, the staff at the museum, the decorating committee, etc.  This is what will be done if we are unable to return them for refund.


Secretary Carmen Paquin informed the Committee that she had, to date,  received approximately 65 replies from the April mailout and of those replies, over 50 had indicated either “will” or “probably will” attend.  Some concern was expressed that a greater number of replies had not been received by then.  The Chairman stated that he believed it would be necessary to proceed with a second mailing to try and counter any apathy and or procrastination on the part of those who have yet to reply.


Carmen Paquin wished to inform everyone that errors in the French version of the letter were introduced by her during retyping for formatting.  She expressed apologies to Marianne Petit-Clerc who had graciously provided the translation.


The meeting adjourned 1635.  Motion by Brian Babb.  Seconded by Dave Small.  Carried.


Carmen Paquin,