21/05/05 Marcel Carrier's Obituary is here.

14/05/05 Here is a link to the artwork of ex-Feller Housemaster Marcel Carrier.

30/03/05: Life As A Feller Girl - The Collected Works of our new Mystery Writer is up and ready to be read!

13/09/04: Uncle Stevie's Songbook has been found. The lyrics reveals Steve May to be a satirical wit with a poetic soul.

12/07/04: I had to put a link to the great pics of the Feller museum on my "history" page. These photos were taken at the first annual alumni picnic last month - June, 2004.

07/04/04 - Here are my notes on the Madame Feller Story so far. So far, unfinished. I would like to type up the entire book but I can only do so much. If any one will volunteer I will send them a photocopy. But you have to be serious about it!

10/02/04 - Here is a little mystery for you.

18/02/04 - Mr May's obituary is here. Other obituaries have ben linked to the obit page here. For instance Mrs Brouillet and Mr Motley.

12/02/04 - The Official Feller Website can be found here
fellercollege.com no longer exists

12/02/04 - From Andy comes the news that Steve May passed away Friday the 5th of May 2000 at the age of 80.

30/01/04 - The Cover of a Prospectus of Steve's own St. Nicholas school can be viewed here - including the first two pages of text and another Steve drawing, this time of FHR.

09/01/04 - Steve May and John Gilmour never saw eye to eye. Steve began his own school down the street. He always thought Feller should be kept open as an English boarding school. Gilmour wanted it to be completely French. The Feller staff were split on this issue as well. This undated excerpt from a Board of Management report indicates the extent of the rift. Click here.

09/01/04 (Click Here) A new set of old photos sent by Lucy Anex Pelly is now up. Thanks, Lucy.

A brand new messageboard site has been set up for postings dealing with Feller. The purpose of this site is to continue the discussions of the life at and history of Feller in a congenial atmosphere. Click here.

Very early letters to Madame Feller. Her connection to American Protestants supporting her work and her connection to the Excommunicated Quebec Patriotes. Click here.

The documentation of: Why Feller Closed? Actual minutes of meetings during that turbulent period. Click here.

A new page of contemporary photos of Olive Burridge, Terry Russell and Bruce Pettinger as well as some of Steve May's artwork is up.Click here.

The "Old" Feller Website is still up.

re - the fire picture:
I have a question Rick, who gave you this photo? I think that the statement of the school in disarray might be misleading. I think the water on the wall is from the melting snow on the roof from the heat of the fire. Also I think Lumpy & Carmen told me Freddy and others  got into the school and closed the fire doors to the boys wing on all 4 floors, so they might have opened them to clear the smoke so they could move around inside.
Just a thought. - Brian Babb.

Does this mean my theory is shot to hell?

For those of you with patience you can view a really big picture of Feller Burning by clicking here. Notice the neglect already - the frozen water on the outer walls - the 2nd main library door wide open - since this was December 1967 and the school had been closed since June.  It was said that the fire started in the kichen but here it looks like it started in fourth main. Was it torched for insurance purposes? I was hoping John Gilmour would shed some light on this at the reunion. He read a poem instead. This is an interesting and thorny issue I am raising. As soon as I can shrink the other JPGs I have of the fire I will upload them. It is a dramatic sequence captured by Freddy Paradis.

Ian St James' description of the reunion called Three Days in October gives us the unique perspective of the chairman of the reunion committee: Click here.

The minutes to the two last Feller Reunion Committee meetings are available:
Meeting #6 - Last meeting before the reunion.
Meeting # 7 - The wrap-up after the reunion.

For Andy McCullough's reunion report Click here.
For his new email address click here.

Peter Payan's reunion pictures are on the site. Click Here.

Peter Payan has written a concise and accurate description of the Feller Reunion. Click Here.

Terry Russell has sent me the first pics I have seen of the reunion. Click Here.
"I feel blessed that I got to meet with a few of the folks, from the years, I spent at Feller. Enclosed are a few snapshots I took with my camera. Once again Rick, thanks for the memories. The organizers did a first class job from what I could see.

It was the best-of-all-possible reunions. Everyone who attended agrees. Here are the emails I am recieving. I hope the senders don't mind if I post them wholus bollus. I realize most of them are directed at me personally because I was quite visible at the reunion but I think they accurately reflect the mood of the whole event - happiness! I am also very gratified that the Feller Remembered video delighted everyone. It was our attempt to add some "depth" to the reunion. And, as Bruce Hannah said tapping his belly: "We already have the width!"
Ian St. James was right on when he spoke about the planning committee's work. It was the best "amateur" apple pie I have ever eaten. Better than any so-called "professional" one could ever be.

I cannot possibly express into words the emotions of last week during this great walk down memory lane.  The whole reunion reflects the hard work of many people, far and wide, who put this event together.
I never dreamt some two years ago that this would become reality.   The success of the reunion reflects the teachings and beliefs of Feller students and the event was a testimony to the success of the school itself.  Bravo to all those who brought this dream about, and to those who took the time to attend.
Lucy Anex/Pelly

Exactly. It was great to finally meet you. Thanks for all the wonderful pictures.

    After reading all the positive comments regarding your performance and the reunion organization committee's I can only say that it was a great experience for me, and one I will never forget.  As Diane said, although she never attended Feller she sure got into the spirit as did my wife. I have told Mary about Feller all our married life but until last weekend she never really felt the things we did. When I attended the Committee meeting it was always a reunion for me and I enjoyed them all.
        I would like to know whose stupid idea it was to play basketball ?  My heavens my poor old body feels like it was put through a ringer. Here it is Thursday night and I am only starting to walk upright.  By the way Rick where were you when were playing ?
            Once again It was great to see all my old friends and I look forward to keeping in contact with as many as possible.
         Dave & Mary Small

Thanks Dave. It was guys like you who attended the committee meetings and helped plan and execute this baby! As for the basketball injury, ask Diane to give you a massage.

Thanks for your part in the Feller Reunion.
Short words, Long thoughts, Strong emotions.  The following come to mind!
Anticipation, Excitement, Hugs & Kisses
Flashbacks, Joy, Relief
Malaise, Sickening, Depression
Anger, Sadness, Tears
Closure, Hugs & Kisses, Au Revoir!
From,   Gibs Lafrance ('56)

Nice to meet you at last, Gilbert. Thanks for all the great pictures. Gilbert's new email address is on the virtual page.

Just wanted to say what an excellent job you all did  with this reunion. When you began, did you ever imagine it could be such a success...
I didn't go to Feller, but I could feel the genuine pleasure from everyone there.
From wine and cheese to the basket ball game to the runners on Sunday (which I had never seen) to the burning of the source of this reunion.  All will stay in the memory forever.
Thanks so much to all the committee members, WELL DONE.
Diane Grannary

Thanks Diane,
It certainly did succeed beyond all of our expectations. And it was gratifying to see that the spouses of the Ex-Fellerites enjoyed it as much as they did.

Dear Rick,
  You truly personified "Fiat Lux" at the Feller reunion.  Your initiative in creating the Feller web site was the spark that led to an unforgettable reunion filled with moments of laughter and tears and enough memories to last a lifetime.  I was deeply moved by the powerful blending of images and music in the Feller Revisited video and I think that the music will haunt me for the rest of my life.  The conclusion of the video with your student card was so very appropriate.  From the web site to the very entertaining performance of Bowser and Blue and the closing with the Feller video, you were an integral part of the Feller reunion and without you, it wouldn't have happened.  Thank you so very much for giving me and all the other former Feller students a chance to briefly be teenagers again  and for creating such wonderful memories to be cherished forever.  It was a fantastic weekend!
Carol Myers Elliott   Class of 56

I am so happy about the way the Feller Revisited video came out. It just seemed like I was being fed material from a higher source. And all you guys of course. In a funny way, because I started all this with the website, I felt responsible for it. So I had to make sure it was well done. And the committee did such a good job on all the events. Wasn't the recreation of a Feller Sunday lunch fun?

Hi Rick,
Just a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed the reunion, especially your performance at the reunion.  My sister and I both said we had not laughed so much in a long time.  You have added a few years to our life.
I hope to see you again soon.
Best regards and thanks again.
Denise Lacombe

Thanks so much. To anyone who thought we couldn't do this well I say: laughter is the best revenge!

Hello Rick:
I really enjoyed the Bowser and Blue performance, as well as the whole reunion weekend. It just kept me in awe the whole time and away from the everyday depressing realities of the present time. You also ordered up great weather and it only started to rain once we were leaving the farewell dinner at the golf course. Your video show was really done up professionally and I was wondering if I could still order one of the tapes by mail. My 1966 Feller sports jacket seemed to give a great impression to the people and I thought there might have been some others, but likely their owners weren't
at the reunion. Take care Rick and if the Bowser and Blue come to Ottawa, I would certainly love to go and see the show Bye for now>
Bruce Pettinger

Bruce - Your jacket was great. I had completely forgotten about them. I owned one once. I don't know what happened to it. Perhaps you could bequeath it to the Feller museum. Thank you for your comment on the Feller Revisited video. It was a labour of love. I think there are some tapes left. Brian Babb is handling that.

Hi Rick
What a blast, I'm still high on the happening. Those of you who put this together deserve to have a Feller Outstanding Achievement Award. I think you guys did more for the mental health of everyone there than all the shrinks in North America could have done. And your (personal) crowning moment was the video. It is GREAT. There wasn't a dry eye in the place, tears were running down my cheeks and I had a huge lump in my throat. MAGNIFICANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As I said on Friday night I guess I was the only person there who didn't know that Rick Elger and Rick Blue were one and the same. I've been a Bowser and Blue fan for years and it was great to meet you in person. (Other than as a mostly forgotten younger school mate) Keep up the good work in that department.
I've started a new message board on the community site to post "post reunion comments". Cast an eye on it from time to time, I'm willing to bet it'll be good for your ego, and will also reflect the MUCH DESERVED praise you and all the committee deserves.
I donated my Feller ring to the museum via Jocelyn and wonder if we would get much response if we tried to cast the net wider? Now might be a good time to ask people to donate their momentos as I would think that a lot of people would realize that they will now put it all away and when they die, their kids will pitch it all out as more "of that old school junk
that {Mom or Dad} kept for God knows what reason". I think that Jocelyn is doing a great job with little support and
she indicated to me that she will be doing this full time once she retires. It would be great to give her some help and encouragement. She and the little old house will be all that's left and it would certainly be a shame to see it ALL go down the tubes.
What are your thoughts on this?
Again Rick, thanks to you and all the committee for making it a great weekend.
Murray Mills

It was great to meet you Murray. I thank you again for the stories you contributed to the Feller website. The great thing about the video is that Ian and the committee (They were so busy with all the other details) let me do it myself. They didn't try to influence my choices in any way. So it became an obsession. Ian just came over the day before I was to do the final mix and let Carmen watch it. She cried and then Ian said - Yes, that's it! The proof was in the pudding. And so it had the same effect on all of us at the reunion. I even had a lump in my throat as I put it together.
I knew that Bowser and Blue was the right show for the reunion. We perform for our age group all the time - it is our specialty. And considering that I learned how to do it at Feller, it seemed appropriate. I just wish I could sing as well as Eugene!
We should donate our momentos to the museum. I will try to set something up toward that end on the web.


Great news: Eugene Smith will be performing two songs at the Reunion.

Hello all, This is Anne's (Durling) daughter Julie writing to you in order to advise you of the unfortunate fire that has occured at my parent's residence.  Last night the house caught fire following a problem in the fireplace.  On the bright side, everyone is safe and has escaped all injuries. Anne and Bernard are presently staying with the neighbors and we will take things one day at a time. Anne wanted to say that she is still planning to attend the Feller reunion that's coming up.  She's hoping to salvage the new outfit she had  purchased..haha
Please pray for them during this difficult time.  Although material things can be replaced it is difficult to lose everything you have worked for.
Hoping you all find yourselves well, take care.

Shari Grier, student from '63-'66, has an email address. Click Here.

Hi Rick,
Just returned from the Hotel (Relais de Gouverneur) . We were informed that there are rooms available for both Friday and Saturday nights. There are 18 rooms free for the 19th and 11 for the 20th. These became available because the other group who had booked the same weekend have cancelled. Could you please post this info on your site.
Also please remind anyone to be sure to let the hotel know that they are with the Feller re-union so that they receive the proper rate of $66.00.


I have been spending all my computer time making a slideshow for the reunion. So I'm a bit behind on some of the announcements. I now hope to rectify that - Rick.

Rick -    Congradulations  on this project. Unfortunately won't be in St>Jean next month. Living on the west coast  has it draw backs . So I have to ask you  to say hello to  any one from  the period Sept./65-April/67. I left cause we were  moved out here  always regret not being there to close the place  but onn other hand maybe  that would  have hurt too much. I was in grades 7 & 8 those years  and loved it.Academically well  no crowns  but didn't too badly . Even  now I  dream of walking around the place and am  quite sure I could sketch my  way around the place.  Have a gre4at reunion . Thanks to those  people I knew there.       With warmest best wishes   Paul>J>Willson 1965-1967

              LATER -  GARY

No, I don't remember that. Rick

Gary's email address is now on the Virtual Reunion page: Click Here.

An interesting note: "Hello, my name is Bernard Wilcken. By chance I came upon the Feller web page, because I had been looking for Grand Ligne for a long time. I was at Feller I believe 1954 to 1956. I say believe, because of course it is a long time ago. I went under the name Richard or perhaps Dicky, because my mother liked those names better than my actual one. The interesting thing about all this is that I was born in Germany in 1940 and my mother was british. My uncle lived in Montreal and it was him and my aunt who found Feller Institute to put me into. I remember many a fight and being beaten up, as a Kraut of course. I also remember having difficulties picking up the Quebecoise. I remember playing hockey outside on the rink. I remember the thick steel doors and the the names of German POWs engraved in the basement. I remember some of the Christmas plays we put on and some of the pretty girls around. In short, I am tickled to have found this page. I now live in Boston, married to a French woman and have 2 boys of my own. I would love to come to the next reunion.
Kind regards, Bernard Wilcken
 Bernard's email address is now on the virtual page - Click here.

The menu for the reunion is now known. Click here.

August, 2001:

Chuck Rossier, who's great grandfather worked with Madame Feller has sent a message. It's on the message page (Click here).

Dave Parkinson, ex-hubby of Liz Rolleston, has sent his email address (Click Here) along with a nice note (Click Here).

 Reunion News:
1) The next meeting of the reunion committee has been called for Sunday, August 26th,  1:00 PM at Brasserrie 12 in Lachine.
2) If anyone wishes that any specific songs be played at the reunion please send the titles to Brian Babb.
3) Rooms are filling up for the reunion. Apparently there are only a few rooms left at the Relais Gouverneur and the Auberge Harris. Hurry. Make sure you identify yourself as a member of the Feller Reunion!

Thanks to Louis Auclair for his reply to my query about the Board minutes re. decision to close Feller temporarily in Dec.'42. I'll follow up on his suggestion to get more information. Lucien Perras

An answer to Lucien Perras' Question:
I read on the Feller Website regarding Lucien Perras who attended Feller in 1942 when the school closed down.
 Seeing that The Grande Ligne Mission doesn't exist under that name any more I would suggest that he contact L'Union des Eglises Baptiste.  Here is their email   union.bapt@videotron.ca    They should have all the minutes of The Grande Ligne Mission.  They are located on Papineau Street in Montreal.  If he needs the exact address I am sure that I could get it.
    It would be most interesting to also find out how it was determined to close Feller for good and why the change of name of The Grande Ligne Mission and of the sale of the entire Feller site.
    I worked for 3 years for The Grande Ligne Mission office in Montreal after graduating in 1959.  Then I moved to Southern California.
    I hope that this helps a little and if you or Lucien think I can be of any help please contact me.
    Louis E. Auclair

Some housekeeping -
Phyllis McKenzie Black as a new email address. Click Here.
Doug Masson knows which year the choir pic in Lucy's photos is from. Click Here.
Floyd Maybee has a comment or two more on the POW camp story. Click Here.

July 2001:

The Souvenirs Page is up. Here are the descriptions of Feller Souvenirs which will be available at the Reunion.
Click here

A third option for accomodation would be THE COMFORT INN, near the shopping centre.
 Phone No's...1-450-359-4466  OR  1-888-825-4466
Thanks to Denise Lacombe.

Because I left it until now (July) I had to reserve a room for myself at the Relais Gouverneur on Friday night and the Auberge Harris on Saturday. I found out that The Auberge Harris has an 800 number =  1-800-668-3821.
I suggest all Fellerites who plan to attend the reunion start booking now.

What prompted me to act was Mike Lacombe's email:

Hi Rick...I have just been in touch with the Relais Gouverneur in St.Jean to make a reservation for the nite of the 20th. They are completely booked for that nite but have some space available for the nite of the 19th.
I then called the Auberge Harris which is just around the corner and they have space available for the whole weekend.
For those who have not yet booked anything, would it be a good idea to post a notice on your site to the effect that they can call the Auberge Harris at 450-348-3821 for the nite of the 20th and they should do it as soon as possible. They should mention that they are part of the Feller College Reunion group to ensure that they are getting the best rate available.

June 2001:

The How to Search page has been retooled. It is more concise and easier to understand. Please read it and help us find MORE of ourselves. Click Here.

Murray Mills reminisces about the Pointe-aux-Trembles school. Click here.

Floyd Maybee has written a fascinating first hand account of Feller when it was a Prisoner of War camp for German officers. Click Here.

The list of attendees for the reunion has been updated. Looks like it will be a great turnout!  Click here.

Thanks to Carmen and Ian, the new improved Alumni page (Found Fellerites) is now up. Complete! Alphabetical Order! Almost 300!!! Click here.

Don't forget, for the reunion on October 19, 20 & 21, 2001: the committee will not be responsible for any room reservations. A block of 50 rooms have been set aside by the Relais Gouverneur at $66 for single or double occupancy.  Individuals are responsible for their own reservations.  (Call 1-800-667-3815 or 1-450-348-7376.)  The Relais Gouverneur has just over one hundred rooms in total and arrangements have been made for any overflow to be handled by the Auberge Harris, which is close by.

Lucien Perras has a question:  I am writing regarding pre-1942 Feller, and the '42-43 class that never graduated.The school closed in Dec.'42, and those of us who were in their senior year had to find a new "home" in mid-year. Do you know if anyone has ever researched the minutes of the Grande Ligne Mission Board, and particularly the minutes of the meeting which reached the decision to close the school in mid-school year?
If anyone has info on this, please email me: relger@sympatico.ca

Bruce Pettinger tells a story about Joyriding at Feller. Click Here.

Murray Mills reminisces in free form - the snippets and fragments that surface when he thinks of Feller. Click Here.

Brian Babb has matched one of Murray Mill's stories with his own account. Click here.

Even More Murray Mills stories. He's on fire folks, and he's got the spirit!  - Click here

Murray Mills relates a story about FHR (teacher Francis Howard Rose) Click here.

Anne Durling now has a Gallery of Photos (From 1963) Click Here.

Mike Lacombe has donated a couple of great pics with his life long friend Eugene Smith. Click here.

May, 2001

Floyd Maybee has an email address Click Here and will be attending the reunion Click Here.

Kenneth Phelan has a new email address. Click here.

The minutes to the Feller Reunion Committee's meeting number 5 have been posted. Click here.

Please Help me locate one of Lucy's photos in time. You can see it by clicking here.

Here is a list of the names of the members of the Senior Class: 1949-1951. Click here.

Here is an interesting account of a Mme Feller commemerative day, the 23rd of April 1951 from Yvan Deputter - Click here.

An Interesting Link to the St-Blaise (Grande-Ligne) Baptist church.
From its pastor, Luc-Joël Berger.
It has pictures of the Feller Museum!

An original piece of Feller humour has been discovered - The Roommate's Psalm. Click here.

April, 2001:

NASA, the American space agency, has responded to Doug Masson's contribution of "Strange lights over the Feller farm". Click here to view their update.

Lucy Brouillet's niece, Gwendy Cogswell has generously provided me with some of Lucy's photographs from her collection. I have scanned them and created a new gallery called Lucy Brouillet's scrapbook. Some of the photos are priceless. As the love story between her and Henri is touching. Please check out this new feature on the website.
Link from the Memories index.
Go directly to the Tripod site.

Here are some of the updates missing from the lost news page during the "week of darkness". Please check the virtual, alumni, reunion list and obituary pages for confirmation.
Sorry for the delay.

EMAILs = Sandy Brayden: valess@home.com, Anne Robinson mb:lamb.oconnor@sympatico.ca
Phyllis MacKenzie: cblack@nexicom.net
FOUND = Saima Kavander (Kivinen), Honoré O'Neil, Pierre O'Neil, Georges Paquin, Jane Seeley
WILL ATTEND REUNION = Denise Auclair, Tanya David (Aboud-Hemming), Yvan Deputter and wife Éliette, Russ French and wife Melissa, Doreen Grannary McFadden, Howard Hanna,
John Ironside, Olive Kunzlie (St James), Jacques Lafontaine, David Mahaffy, Marianne Petit-Clerc, Doris Nevers, Georges Paquin, Terry Russell and wife Cecilia, Albert St James,
Gail St James, M. Eugene Smith

Obits = Jean Kolesnikow (deceased), Victor Kolesnikow (deceased), Jacqueline O'Neil (deceased), Délicia O'Neil (deceased), Paul-Émile O'Neil (deceased), Rose Vinarich (deceased)

change Robert Massey's email from massey@istar.ca to massey1134@home.com
change Louis Auclair's email from Dslouisauc@aol.com to auclair@uneedspeed.net

I found the missing NEWS file - hallelueia!

New emails: Russ French, and Howard Hanna - Click here

Newly FOUND Fellerites: Barbara Bramley (Netten), Russ French, Robert Grevatt, Howard Hanna, Frank Harper, Sylvia Harper (John's), Ann Holden (Neville), Wilma Lortie (Gibbons), Lois McCaig (Robinson), Dick Rylender, Walter C. Upton - Click here.

Will ATTEND the Reunion: Jocelyne Auclair, Carolyn Bullen, Barbara Bramley Netten, Tanya David, Clifford Gregory, John Ironside, Louise Finlayson (Jefferies), Gilbert Lafrance, Serge Lafrance, Jean Pierre Lafrance, Michel Lacombe, Doug Moore - Click here.

March 2001:

Murray Lamb has been found & sends us his address - click here. And a message - click here.

Claudette Lacombe has changed her email address - click here.

Jean Claude Girodo has an email address (Now that is news!) Click Here.

Unfortunately Leslie Desmangles cannot attend the reunion. Click here.

Louis Auclair has a new email address. Click here.

Dave Small has a new gallery with a great arial shot of Feller and the surroundings and a couple of shots of Feller after the fire. Click Here.

Brian Babb and Robert Massey have new email addresses. Click here.

Peter Hoult, Doug Moore and Marianne petit-Clerc have been found & sent their email addresses. Click Here.

I am back! I reached my limit of megabytes with Sympatico and they started erasing files on me and stopped allowing me to upload. After numerous emails I was advised to augment and support my site with a tripod.com site. Sympatico only allows 5 megs whereas tripod gives me 50 megs. Consiquently my site was not updated for a few weeks while I a) took my family to Disney World and b) moved some of the Feller files to tripod. I apologize to all for the period of suspended animation. The good news is that I think I have solved the problem and will be able to continue again as before. I realize as the October date looms that the information has to be posted as quickly as possible.

Lorne and Diane Plunkett, Ian St James, Dave Mahaffy, Gilbert & Fayee Lafrance, Doreen McFadden, Louise & John Talbot, Gail St James and Marianne petit-Clerc are all planning to attend the reunion - click here.

February 2001 - I was on the road.

January, 2001.

Doug Masson has a new email address : Click here.

Check out Doug Masson's mysterious photo taken in the fifties. Is it the northern lights or a strange astronomical convergence? Or is it a UFO? You decide. Click Here.

Pat Greenop's gallery may be seen by clicking here.

Doug Masson's gallery may be seen by clicking here.

An Article from the 1963 L'Echo describes Feller used as a POW camp for German Officers. Click Here.

There is a snapshot of the Feller reunion committe up. Click Here.

More ex-feller students have been found:
Darby R Blanche Goode (birth name Blanche)
Ken Campbell
Dick Clements (deceased)
Alyne Dupont
Michael A Goode
Serge Lopoukine
Joan Meldrum
Therese Paquette Loyer (birth name Paquette)
Suzanne A Paquin Sevigny (birth name Paquin)
Robert Scullion
Roger B Sevigny
Bruce Steeles
Alex "Zibby" Zbikowski

Please read the Important Announcement about the Feller Revisited Project for the upcoming reunion. You can help! Click Here.

The minutes to Meeting 4 are up. Click Here.

I just learned that Susan Chapman-Rogers died yesterday after a short struggle with pancreatic cancer. She was diagnosed with it a little before Christmas, suffered a heart attack last week which left her partially paralyzed, but succumbed yesterday (Monday, January 15). The funeral will be at PEI where she and her husband settled more than a decade ago.

Clifford Gregory has been found. His email is on the virtual reunion page. Click here.

December 2000:

My classmate,  Sharon Oliver (Gowling),  has an email address. Click Here.

The Minutes of the Third Meeting of The Reunion Committee may be read by clicking Here.
(This is the meeting when we picked the date)

The Feller Reunion Committee has set a date for the "Last Feller Reunion". It will be held in the Montreal area on the weekend of October 19, 20, and 21, 2001.

Wayne Pavey and Michel Lacombe remember the Tunnel dug by German Prisoners of War. It went from the chapel out to the fields. Click Here.

Peter Payan has scanned some snapshots from 1957-58. Good pics of the boys swimming at the quarry. Click Here.

Wayne Pavey who went to Feller in 56-57, grade 6 & 7, has been found. His email address is on the virtual page. Click here.

Patricia  Greenop (Plourde) and  Sandy Brayden (Vale) from the class of 63 have contacted me. Their email addresses are on the virtual page. Click here.
Their messages are on the message page. Click here.

Brian Babb tell the story of how the school nurse was thrown in the shower. Click Here.

Miss Mottishaw, the nurse from 1961-1963 has found us. her name is Elizabeth Loewen. Her email address is on the virtual page. Her email is on a "Nurse' page. Click here.

Ray McWhinnie,  Mona Georges Haniff, , Craig Taylor, Russell French, Bill Crompton, Carolyn Bullen have all been located.

Question of the Day: Although this is a bit ironic given that we were never allowed to dance at Feller:
Do you wish to have dancing - either with a band, an orchestra or a DJ - at the Reunion?
Please advise our master of entertainment - Brian Babb: bbabb@cam.org

We have our first donation.  Please send your donations to: Anne Durling Bordeleau, 37 Genicourt Ave.                             Lorraine, P.Q.  J6Z 3K3
Make cheques out to: "Feller Reunion 2001" .
Please note - at this time all money collected are donations - not registration fees.
A registration fee will be collected when a budget has been decided upon.
Be sure to add your address and phone number if it is not already on your cheque.

November 2000:

Help us find Feller ex-students. Read Carmen Paquin's "How to Search" tutorial - Click here.
She is the head of our Search committee.

The Reunion Committee page is up (Designed by Ian St James - check it out) Click here.

The Chairman's report on the second meeting is up. Click here.

October 2000:

Wayne Foley is now on our Virtual page - click here.

Nigel  Taylor has communicated his email address and sent a message - Click here.

Bruce Pettinger and Tony Feist have sent messages and memories - Click here.

Mike Desjardins and Robert Massey have revealed their email addresses - Click here.

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September 2000:

Michel Girodo's "Full Monte" proposal for our reunion is now posted - Click here.

One day soon I promise I will try to alphabetize all the names on the alumni and virtual pages. Until then they will remain in a kind of chronological order - as they were found.

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August, 2000:

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I'm getting good feedback from my reunion questionaire. I will soon post all the ideas and comments on the reunion page.
For those of you who might not understand what exactly I meant by "sponsors":  example, if one of you owned a micro-brewery perhaps you could bring the beer. In exchange you can hang a large sign on the wall - "Compliments of Aunty Gert's homemade Brew".  Or perhaps one of you sells life insurance. Your company might be willing to have name tags made up with the company logo on them. You know - that kind of thing! Aren't there any Feller grads out there who had to make it in the dog-eat-dog world of commerce?

In the meantime, send me some stories, some anecdotes, some reminiscences - Please!

Bernard Barraclough just contacted me. His email and address are on the virtual page - Click here
July, 2000:

I received an email from Ivan Minarik (Class of 1963), his message and address is on the virtual page - Click here.

June 2000:

I have added a memory to my scrapbook. It is "My best Feller Story". Hope you like it. And please - someone try to top it! Click here.

I have opened a discussion on the reunion page as to what kind of a reunion to have. Will it be in a church basement with little egg-sandwiches-with-the-crusts-cut-off and red kool-aid? Or will it be in a hotel banquet room with a bar and a band? Or somewhere in between? Or both?  Maybe we can plan it on the web? Click here.

I have recieved a nice email from Lucy Brouillet's niece, Gwendy Cogswell. It is posted on the Virtual Reunion page. Click here.

I recieved some information about the last few years of Feller - '66-67 -  from Rev. Roger Brassard, whom I met at Mme Brouillet's service.  I am giving him a page as I expect to recieve more from him soon. Click Here.

I attended the service for Lucy Brouillet at the First baptist church in Montreal. There were about forty others there as well. It was a nice service. Phillips Motley played an organ medley. Gwendy Cogswell talked about Lucy's life. Wanda Miller sang. And Audrey Cogswell played a guitar and sang. People took turns getting up to speak about her. I learned that her husband Henri had been twenty years her senior. This made me like her more. I did not know her well.  I had spent my first six months at Feller sitting opposite her at head table. For me, she was a bit aloof. She was the Dean of Girls. She lived on the other side of the Iron Curtain. I was the enemy. A boy going through puberty.
As I had hoped, there were a couple of ex-Fellerites there.  I met Lloyd Meldrum who I have been trying to track down for the last few years. He is not on the web, but I now have his phone number. After the service some of us talked about Feller. Ex-principal John Gilmour was there, sporting a white beard.  Gwendy remembered that Leslie Desmangles had stayed at her house. I told them about an upcomining reunion. Everyone seemed interested.
I talked to Ray Bolla, who left Feller in 1942 when it was turned into a POW camp for German officers. He spoke to his friend Lucien Perras from that era who has added his email address to the Virtual page. Click here.
From the Montreal Gazette.  DEATHS: BROUILLET, Lucy (nee Cogswell). Passed away peacefully at the Lachute Residence on Thursday, May 25, 2000 at the age of ninety-four. Predeceased by her loving husband Henri Brouillet. She will be greatly missed by her nieces and nephew, her grand-nieces and grand-nephews  in Quebec  and  British
Columbia, and by all who have enjoyed her joyous gift of music. Cremation has taken place. A memorial service will be held on Thursday, June 1st at 11 a.m. at First Baptist church at 6215 cote St. LUC Rd. in Montreal  In lieu of flowers, a donation to the Shawbridge united church Music Ministry in Prevost, Quebec would be appreciated.

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April 2000:

Big new message on the virtual reunion page from Elizabeth Rolleston (and Bill Ried) Click here

Happy Madame Feller's Birthday to everyone!

Did you realize that Mme H. Feller's birthday is tomorrow (April 22, 1800), so Louis Auclair tells me.
Lucy (Anex) Pelly

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