Miss Mottishaw
The Nurse, 1961-1963
Elizabeth Loewen: lizann@home.com
Dear Rick, I cannot place you as yet in the many faces that I knew while at Feller College from '61 to 63!  My name used to be Liz Mottishaw, and I was the NURSE>:)  If you were there in those two years, it would not be difficult to remember.  I made up my mind when I got there, that just in case anyone tried to pull the wool over my eyes, I had best memorize the students' names!
Tonight, I spoke with Rick Lambert and we will be having coffee, perhaps next Monday. Rick, I live in abbotsford, BC about 75KM from Vancouver...and that is where I grew up...well, I haven't really "grown up as yet"...that's no fun. 
But, I was born there, took my nursing there and have ended up back there at different times in my life! I have lived here in Abbotsford for the past 25 years.  In short, I was single till 1967..After feller, I nursed in Pediatrics for several years, then went all over BC with the Blood Donor Clinics with the Red Cross..met an Engineer at a UBC Clinic in 1966...in the summer...married said Engineer in Feb of 67 and left for Africa the following summer...and the rest, as they say, is History!!!I am on my own again, after 26 years of marriage, the adoption of three children, andso for the past almost 8 years I have been adapting to the single life again.  I am working full time in a Mental Health Facility...in our community and enjoying it very much.  More news later!  I am going to enjoygetting to revisit my past...
I did so enjoy the students at Feller!  Talk to you later!
God Bless, Liz...
....no formalities please it is no MISS Mottishaw nor
MS Loewen!  Just "LIZ" will do!