How the School Nurse was thrown in the shower
It was really great to hear from Liz Lowen our former nurse '61 - '63. She e-mailed me to cast her vote for dancing at the gala. In her e-mail she said that she didn't remember me. I mailed back that I was the one who instigated putting her in the shower. 

Here is the recap of the story:

She arrived on second wing after supper and announced that it was her birthday even though it was not.  If you recall it was tradition that on one's birthday on the boys side you were given a free cold shower. I took hold of her arm and called everyone out of their rooms to come give Liz a shower. I do not remember everyone who took part but Lumpy, Clifford Gregory, Paul Lingard and I were involved.

Uncle Stevie heard the commotion and came down from 4th Main. As he rounded the corner we knew he was really pissed. He had his Military look on his face and his Military walk. Poor Liz was standing there dripping and he lit into us. We didn't know what the consequences were going to be! She was quite concerned about his behaviour as she did not realize how he ruled the boy's side. 

We all had to take a cold shower on the spot. 

The only person who I think was somewhat involved was Doug Moore. However, he managed to convince Uncle Stevie that he was not a participant. The outcome was that every a.m. for l week Steve would stand by the bathroom door while all showers were running cold. If I remember correctly we had to stay in for 15 - 30 seconds before we could get out of the shower. To this day I think that Doug Moore managed to save his own skin over the incident. 

When I mentionned this to Liz she immediately remembered who I am and the episode. She wrote back that she remembered the whole thing vividly.

This is just another great story that we can look back on with fond memories of Feller life.

Brian Babb

P.S. Seeing that this is a recounting of an incident 38 years ago there may be some discrepancies as to who was involved but the incident itself definitely happened.