Funky Elder

My Server has given me only 5 MB of webspace to share my bio and artist statement. As a result, I'm using these links as a hub. Much of my work has been inspired by the masina-wapikini-ganan (rock art paintings, petroglyphs and pictographs) and lately the wiigwaas-sabakoon (birch bark scrolls). The computer screen is a lot like our Anishinaabe traditional mnemonic techniques. Who said that we did not have a writing system? Watch for the Funky-Elder telling his stories when he gets his hands on the augmented reality (AR) technology coming his way! I'll be building miniature movie sets in my living room to let my Firebolt Ensemble play. Who knows? I may have a state-of-the-art movie and recording studio in the industrial park! I'm watching some serious talent out there.

My Portfolio

My sobriety has been a creative one and an augmented reality for me. I've been doing it since August 12th, 1991. I often wondered how much creative output that I could've done if I wasn't sent to Indian Residential School. I was 13. Think of the body of work, think of the national treasure, think of the change. It's a long story, but it took a tour of Barcelona in Spain, the land of my hero Salvador Dali who freed me from painting church art. Surrealism taught me to appreciate the complex symbolism of my fellow Anishinaabeg artists. With photoshop, final cut pro, and logic pro at my disposal, I feel like I'm standing at the threshold of something unique, something compelling, something surreal.

Gishigong-Ebi My digital painting Gishigong Ebi: Sky Beings.

Uncle Biidan My fine art painting Uncle Biidan.

Ishina-Shawa My digital painting Ishina'shawa'gan: The Messenger. This piece is dedicated to the Spirit Walkers of Longlac, Ontario, Canada.

Gwedjikadaowe My mixed media painting Gwedjikadaowe: Canoe Races. I remember those times of old when our healthy uncles raced across the lake and back.

Wabigoniw My digital painting Wabigoniw Akiwenzi: A flower for the old ones bending to the ground.

Ni Zigos Christine My digital plaque Ni Zigos Christine: My aunt Christine used to patch my jeans when I was 5 or 6. I learned how to sew.

Forest Envy

My digital painting Forest Envy. I imagine that I can access my homeland Pagwashiing in Northwestern Ontario by painting it.

Nibinaabe My fine art painting Nibinaabe: Water Spirits AKA, the mermaids and mermen.