integrating interactive technologies with visual media
"exploring new ways to communicate and connect to an audience"


Lately, I've been thinking...
I'm interested in interactivity and the future of mobility.

As per my usual mode I'm working on a variety of projects at the same time - some listed below. Within my personal work I'm currently most keen on looking at new ways of integrating interactive technologies with the things that we carry or wear in urban spaces. I’ve been favoring capturing the experience of these with short segmented films and constructed narratives in which a story, or idea can change over time by engaging an audience not only to view, but to correspond and participate in the work.

futureLocation; a project which will consist of two parts: how will Location Based Services (LBS) applications affect our mobile future, and what form should these take to be effective in moving people and/or goods within urban environments.

My aim is to improve the design of urban vehicles and systems by creating plausible and realistic scenarios of future LBS services and through prototypes and analysis explore the experiences, contradictions and possibilities of where it can be integrated into everyday life. LBS technology can and I expect will affect almost everyone in some way.

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Poetic Innovations - Time Capture
"Attire Your Body with Wearable Clothing and Articles that Capture Your Mood, Emotion or Body Performance"

As a winner of the “New Voices Competition” of digifest 2004: on the move
a series of "attentive wearables and objects" were presented and profiled in an exhibition at the Ontario Science Centre, May 8-21, 2004, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Several conceptual prototypes were on display for the public to view including the Moon Coat - a coat consisting of a radio device that initiates the jacket to allow your mood to be recognized and then regulated.


These prototypes for the most part look at how to develop a contextual relationship with the computer through what I call “attentive wearables" - wearable computers that measure body data to approximate mood and/or one’s specifically indicated emotions to better understand the user, location and context of use.