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Personal Development Series - Effective Communications

"Winning Communications or The Art of 'Getting It'"
Two days (8:30 to 4:30)
Lead instructor:
Raymond Perras, P.Eng., CIF, CPC, Peak Performance Coach

This workshop will help participants and spouses alike to develop their communication skills. Being able to communicate effectively with clients, co-workers, management, and especially close family and friends can significantly increase our quality of life.

Promotional Overview

This workshop is intended to give the attendee the opportunity to do a quick review of the various aspects of verbal and non-verbal communication. Through recall of personal experience, focus on everyday situations and peer feedback, participants will develop a new awareness of the finer points of communication in a relaxed atmosphere. Focus on well-known words and gestures and their impact on the receiver will be role played to anchor the need to pay attention to the usual automatic responses each one of us tends to use. A review of effective gestures to help the speaker coupled with an overview of typical verbal barriers to communication will provide the attendee with a new understanding of how important communication is to one's success.

There are no pre-requisites for this workshop. Attendees will use their personal experiences to begin a journey into an increased awareness of the skills they can perfect to become better communicators.


After 17 years in private industry at various levels of professional and managerial responsibilities and five years managing national programs for the Canadian public service, Raymond Perras now works as a performance coach. As a member of Toastmasters International, he has developed and delivered workshops and seminars dealing with verbal and non-verbal communications. His main interests are leadership coaching, meeting facilitation, training people and sports psychology.

Winning Communications - Workshop Outline

How We Torpedo Ourselves

  • Recognizing our type
  • Dealing with idiosyncracies
  • A test of personal perception
  • Perception is reality

The Act of Listening

  • The principle of listening
  • The listening sequence
  • Personal impact of communication
  • The mind-body connection

The Power of Words

  • Our words become our destiny
  • Breakers and accelerators
  • The suspending solution - voice quality
  • Autogenic conditioning

Gestures - The Message Behind The Words

  • Listening with your eyes
  • Symbols and banners
  • Familiar gestures
  • Hidden meanings
  • Helping the other person

An Action Plan To Succeed

  • Select area of most wanted improvement
  • Develop a systematic approach
  • Anchor the reasons to follow up
  • Conclusion


1.    Help attendees become aware of the advantages of effective listening and controlled verbal output.

2.    Work as a group to develop new techniques to increase understanding of the principles of effective listening and communication to ourselves.

3.    Through participation in exercises, develop an action plan to ensure that the new awareness becomes a permanent tool in our every day life.


This workshop is designed for anyone who wants to increase his/her communications to create Peak Performance™. Everyone can increase his or her performance through better communication skills as research has shown that 85 percent of success is due to communication skills. Better communication skills also help to reduce stress and create harmonious relationships. This one day workshop will provide all participants with an increased understanding of the necessity to work at communicating verbally and non-verbally, and the possibility to improve their performance at work and in their personal lives.

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