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Personal Development Series - Learning To Coach

"Learning To Coach In Business"
Two days (8:00 to 4:30) plus follow-up
Lead instructor:
Raymond Perras, P.Eng., CIF, Peak Performance Coach

This workshop will be popular with participants who are faced with the ever-increasing need to work in teams. Whether a leader or a member of a team, participants will be provided with a new awareness which can help them raise their status in whatever project endeavour they are involved with.

Promotional Overview

This workshop is intended to give the attendee a fundamental understanding of the required steps to build a team. It will also provide a review of the necessary commitments to ensure that teamwork stays alive. The workshop will stress these issues through discussions and exercises to anchor the new awareness. Through assimilation of the workshop material, the attendee will lay the groundwork for personal coaching skills which can be applied to subordinate groups, peers, and even upper management. Attendees will be provided with written materials and references to further their study of coaching in business.

There is no pre-requisite as the workshop will teach participants the steps required to implement teamwork wherever they are involved. Those participants who have been involved with high performance work teams or have played team sports will help others develop an insight into the benefits resulting from teamwork.


After 17 years in private industry at various levels of professional and managerial responsibilities and five years managing national programs for the Canadian public service, Raymond Perras now works as a performance coach. As a certified instructor/facilitator, he has developed and presented numerous workshops and seminars on team building and coached various levels of management in the fine art of leadership. His main interests are peak performance, leadership coaching and development, meeting facilitation, training people and mental preparation in sports. Skilled as player, coach, organizer and mental trainer in sports, the instructor has developed and successfully applied the principles of effective leadership in business.

Learning To Coach In Business - Workshop Outline

1. The Seven Elements of Successful Coaching

  • Define the goal, task, objective
  • Explain how it can be performed, helpfully
  • Demonstrate the technique
  • Test the knowledge
  • Give appropriate and timely feedback
  • Empower through encouragement
  • Set the course on how to use the new skill

2. The Seven Steps of Team Building

  • The vision - where are we going?
  • The mission - why go there?
  • The values - how will we get there?
  • The interim goals - how will we measure success?
  • The roles and responsibilities - Who will do what?
  • The procedures - what guidelines to use to ensure maximum performance?
  • Interpersonal relationships - what human relations to foster?

3. The Eight Commitments to Make Teamwork Work

  • Trust and its importance to the team
  • Encouragement and empathy
  • Acceptance of people as they are
  • Managing time to be with the team
  • Welcoming new ideas
  • Open and honest communications
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Knowing our teammates


1.    Help attendees learn a systematic approach to team building while recognizing their own leadership skills.

2.    As a group, develop a clear understanding of the elements necessary to perpetuate teamwork in the work place. Exchange ideas on best ways to address work situations.

3.    Through participation in discussions, exercises and new learning, develop a clear picture of the fundamental traits that make a successful coach. Apply these traits to personal situations and start developing an action plan to become a good business coach.

4.    Arrange personal follow-up on site to facilitate systematic implementation of the principles and notions gathered during the training session.


This workshop is designed for people who want to be agents of change in their business, their community, and their personal life. Become the leaders of tomorrow and make a difference where they work, socialize and play. As teamwork is now the norm, participants will be able to take leadership roles and enhance their personal marketability in the work place. Participants will also benefit from the new skills simply as team players, having an increased understanding of the approach that ensures they can thrive in any organization.

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