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The AïM Program™ - Developing Life Mastery

The AïM ProgramTM is a coaching service in life mastery that resulted from countless interactions and counselling sessions with young and old, in business, social, sports or family contexts. It is based on a fundamental principle of self-awareness: "We have all the necessary skills to succeed. We only need to recognize them and apply them at the right time to increase our results"

The goal of this coaching service is to help raise your awareness so that you may integrate and internalize your acquired knowledge, expertise, skills and capabilities to produce mastery in your every day activities.

The approach focuses on becoming aware of what you already know. It will help identify ways and means to increase your results. It will help you to create a MASTERFUL LIFE.

The project lasts a maximum of six to eight weeks once you have agreed to use our coaching services to implement life mastery.


A free one hour fact-finding session: familiarize, evaluate, identify possibilities, seek areas of commonality, brainstorm objectives. Decide whether you want to work with this approach (coaching for life mastery).

If you believe that the method can succeed, proceed to the following steps.

(Five 2-hour sessions  ideally held within a period of seven weeks with follow-up as necessary)

STEP #2.

  • Personal Transformation- learn the 7 paradigm shifts necessary to enable permanent change in your life - link to your personal reality
  • Build a vision of your future - what you want to be (develop a clear, vivid and compelling picture of the future 10-15 years down the road: career, successes in social, physical, financial, mental, emotional, spiritual aspects of life)

Preparation: learn to relax on command, develop affirmations to replace the disabling self-talk, learn and apply the technique of visualization, learn how to generate motivation (the pain/pleasure principle), understand personal rhythms and how the brain works.

STEP #3.

  • Values: what you really hold dear to your heart that always guides your decisions
  • Communications - techniques and understanding of verbal and non-verbal communication, to yourself and to others
  • What drives you to live and fulfill your commitments toward your life goals

STEP #4.

  • Develop a technique to reduce emotional over-reaction (R.E.T.-A.B.C.)
  • Design a personal approach to peak performance - the application of the "AïM"
  • Self-esteem: study the fundametals of self-esteem; develop mastery of your self-esteem
  • Learn the impact of dichotomous (either or) thinking and tunnel vision on your perceptions
  • Internalize the idea that acceptance of the doer does not equal approval of the deed

STEP #5.

  • Work with the Planning Wheel: balancing all aspects of your life to produce optimal results
  • Planning and decision making: understand and internalize some simple skills to avoid time wastage
  • (First Things First) - an inventory to establish what is truly important for you
  • Review relaxation; practice visualisation

STEP #6.

  • Identify your natural leadership skills; learn some new concepts of effective leadership
  • Integrate leadership skills to master your destiny, and/or help others to be all they can be.
  • Wrap-up: brainstorm action plan to implement the new perspectives.
  • Review concepts and ideas; extend the gains to other areas of life. Evaluate the effort.

NOTE: Come prepared to take notes.  The approach uses visual feedback and requires your full participation in brainstorming and organizing thoughts. Each week, you will be asked to practice a technique or techniques learned during the weekly session. Be prepared to take notes for your journal.

To find out more details about this service, you may contact us by e-mail at and refer to Life Mastery.

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