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Personal Development Series - Learning To Negotiate

"Learning Principle-centred Negotiation"
Two day seminar (8:30 to 4:30; 20 participants maximum)
Lead instructor:
Raymond Perras, P.Eng., CIF, Peak Performance Coach

This two day workshop will be of interest to those who believe that negotiating is not a zero-sum game but an opportunity to create synergy, not an art but a learnable skill to enhance our results not only in business but in all aspects of life.

Promotional Overview

The basic truth is that anything we want is owned by someone else. However, in this age of competition through cooperation and partnership for success, it has become necessary to think win-win as opposed to getting all or nothing. As globalization requires more and more that we recognize the synergy of resources and the benefit of the team approach, we need to learn principle-centred negotiating skills. Instead of viewing it as an art which may fit some, it must become a skill which everyone applies to produce optimum results.

This personal development workshop will teach the seven basic elements of win-win negotiation as defined by Jim Fisher and Roger Ury in their book "Getting To Yes": interests, options, solutions, validation, commitment, communications and relationships. Developing objectives, planning, observing the process and learning to be flexible will be established as the cornerstones to support a journey toward successful win-win negotiations. Participants will gain insight into the principles that can ensure a positive result in any negotiating situation and come away with an increased confidence in their ability.

There is no pre-requisite for this workshop except being open to the possibility that negotiating can lead to a gain for everyone involved.

Your Instructor

After 17 years in private industry at various levels of professional and managerial responsibilities and over 15 years of consulting and coaching for both the private and public sectors, Raymond now works as a performance coach. He has brought together a wide variety of professions, skills, cultures, and policies to realize small to large scale projects learning the value of a win-win approach to negotiations. As a certified instructor/facilitator and performance coach, he has developed and delivered numerous workshops and seminars. His main interests are team building, strategic planning, meeting facilitation, quality management and mental preparation in sports. Principle-centred negotiating is the key to optimize results in any situation.

Learning Principle-centred Negotiation - Workshop Outline

Getting a grasp of the subject

o    What is negotiation?

o    The ideal negotiation result

o    Barriers to a win-win outcome

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail - be proactive

o    The first commitment

o    What are the interests at play?

o    The Walk Away position

o    Preparing to negotiate

The negotiation steps

o    Begin with the end in mind - brainstorm interests

o    Put first things first - invent options

o    Think win-win - validate objective option selection criteria

o    Synergize - select an option

o    Gain commitment - establish a road map for implementation

Attending to communications

o    Seek to understand - try to be in the other's shoes

o    Practice active listening - open up to the message

o    Learning to listen with gestures - the mind-body connection recipe

Establishing rapport - sharpen the saw

o    Negotiating is selling - learn the winning sequence

o    Some tools to create connection - an overview of the tool box

o    Think long term relationships for best results - planning for success

Setting the course for optimum negotiations

o    The future is as good as we make it

o    How did we do? - review and feedback on the workshop


1.    Raise awareness to the fact that negotiation is not an art but a learnable skill.

2.    Teach participants a proven process to ensure win-win negotiations.

3.    Develop an understanding of the communication tools that promote effective listening and relationship building.

4.    Understand that winning at negotiations can be planned and repeated.

5.    Gain the belief that a win-win negotiation starts with a common purpose


This workshop is designed for any person who wants to enhance her or his negotiating abilities. As everything we want in life is owned by someone else, learning to negotiate effectively to create win-win outcomes can mean a productive, interesting, fulfilling and happy life. This workshop will facilitate that journey.

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