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Personal Development Series - Effective Presentations

"How To Leave Them Wanting More"
One day (8:30 to 4:30)
Lead instructor:
Raymond Perras, P.Eng., CIF, Peak Performance Coach

This workshop will help participants develop basic presentation skills and increase their comfort when faced with the task of transmitting knowledge or views to an audience.

Promotional Overview

This workshop will give the attendee a basic road map to guarantee successful presentations every time he or she is called upon to address an audience. No matter the subject matter or the client audience, preparing a presentation will become easy when the basic tools reviewed during the day are applied systematically. The instructor will help participants brainstorm their own experiences of poor presentations and the most useful remedies to ensure winning performances in the future. Active participation along with workshop material will allow the attendee to leave with basic skills that will enhance his or her presentations. A few simple techniques will be rehearsed to help attendees in impromptu situations.

No pre-requisites are needed here. Participants will be taken from A to Z on the art of making a presentation that leaves the audience wanting more.


After 17 years in private industry at various levels of professional and managerial responsibilities and over 15 years in training, consulting and coaching in both the private and public sectors, Raymond now works as a performance coach. His main interests are peak performance, executive coaching and leadership development, meeting facilitation, training and mental preparation. As a certified instructor/facilitator, he has developed and presented numerous workshops and seminars. He believes that presentation skills are key to developing self-confidence and the ability to influence people in our lives.

How To Leave Them Wanting More - Workshop Outline

Seeing Presentations As Opportunities

o    When the bad news arrives - Why me?

o    A paradigm shift

o    Positive self-talk

o    Generating motivation

o    A relaxation technique to release your focus

Defining Clients' Needs

o    Excellence is the name, performance is the game

o    A value-added perspective

o    Communicating effectively to understand

o    Internalizing the reasons

Presentation By Objectives (PBO)

o    Choose to inform, persuade, humour or inspire

o    Selecting a theme

o    Questioning the client

o    Questioning yourself

o    Applying time management

Prepare For The Big Day

o    Develop an outline

o    Prepare a plan to convey the message

o    Select appropriate visual aids

o    Determine material to be left to audience

o    Survey the presentation site - housekeeping details

Practice Your Presentation

o    Put it all together

o    Visualize your audience

o    Note anchor points in your presentation

o    Voice and facial practice for comfort

o    Inject impact-producing techniques; the silent punctuation

o    Keep in touch

o    Define your opening

o    Dream up your closing statement - make it memorable


1.    Provide attendees with the fundamentals of effective presentations

2.    Provide a forum for attendees to discuss past experiences and identify techniques that would enhance presentations they have made or have seen.

3.    Provide a basic systematic approach for developing presentations that works every time and gives expected results regardless of subject matter or circumstances.


This workshop is designed for people who experience difficulty in accepting the task of making a presentation, find it difficult to get on with preparation of a presentation, are not sure if they are doing the right thing or simply don't like making presentations. Taking a systematic approach to preparing a presentation will ensure that participants have the tools to meet their objectives every time. They will develop a new perspective concerning the task of transferring knowledge through presentations when they learn to focus on the objectives. They may even learn to have fun doing it.

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