Shihan Rick Black - 6th Dan

Shihan Rick Black began studying martial arts in 1978 at J.C. Kims Taekwondo school in Montreal, Quebec. In 1980 sensei Black came across the Seidokwan Academy of Shorinjiryu Kenkokan Karatedo and Hanshi Masayuki Hisataka. Sensei Black, being naturally impressed by the effectiveness and realism of the shirinjiryu system, due to the emphasis on contact training, he immediately joined and began training under the instruction of Hanshi Doug Roberts and Shihan Wayne Donovan.
Sensei Black excelled quickly under the shorinjiryu system and in 1983 was promoted to the rank of Shodan 1st Dan Black Belt by Hanshi Masayuki Hisataka himself. Before long sensei Black developed a reputation of being an exceptional fighter, and although he never had the chance of representing Canada at the World Championships due to personal commitments, he competed in many local tournaments defeating several national team members.

In late 1983 Shihan Black relocated to Toronto where he assisted Hanshi Doug Roberts (who had also relocated from Montreal to Toronto) in running the Butsudokan dojo which became the Hombu dojo of the Shorinjiryu Kudaka Karate Federation. In 1992 Hanshi Doug Roberts passed on the dojo to Sensei Black and he has been the head instructor ever since, developing many great students and promoting several to the rank of Black Belt. Today Sensei Black still actively teaches most of the adult senior classes and runs the dojo with the assistance of Sensei Baqui Rafeek.

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