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Barron Canyon Visit 2006

Here are several photographs from our 2006 June excursion to the beautiful Barron Canyon in Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada for your viewing pleasure. It's a great place to visit!

The trail to the canyon provides good exercise up a reasonable slope
Connie on
                  the way to the canyon

This is the view one sees where the trail opens up to the canyon
View down

It is amazing how the trees can hang onto the edge of the cliff for years
A little
                  scary for an old-timer

We couldn't convince ourselves to get closer to the edge
A long
                  way down (only 200 feet or so)

When I was here years ago, the vegetation was not so prevalent
A bit
                  farther up to go

Caution is advised as this area is in its natural state of erosion
Not a
                  place for kids to run wild

Somewhere down there is the Barron River
You can't
                  see the water from this angle

I have seen cross-country skiers on the river in the winter
                  back down river from farther up

There is a campsite a few kilometres up river
                  up river before moving on away from the cliff face

It may just be me, but scenes like this seem beautiful to me
One of
                  many picturesque spots on the way home

On the way to the canyon, we didn't react fast enough to photograph two beautiful deer actually on the road in front of us, and we missed two turtles sunbathing at this location, so we were determined on the way back to at least get this photo (unfortunately taken at maximum zoom from inside the SUV)

Can you
                  see the turtle (and its reflection)?

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