To Share or Not To Share?

There really isn't enough time to consider not sharing. I am optimistic in thinking that we live in a progressive world, where the average person does want to make a positive difference. If a single individual is to affect the lives (even in some small way) of more than the several dozen people that one knows as friends or relatives in one's life, then the internet seems a logical choice for sharing - both knowledge (if there is any), and experiences.

Family - several words about an important subject.

Motorcycling - here you can find some pictures of the motorcycles I have owned, comments on the trips I have taken, old advertisements, and a few links to other interesting sites.

Music - I tell a bit about my involvement with homemade music over the years. If you are interested in guitars at all, check out each of the excellent links to manufacturers. In addition, there is a superb link for drummers to check out with subsequent links to almost everything concerning hand and kit drums, including some information on building your own log drum.

Health - words of wisdom(?) regarding tinnitus, wellness, fitness, water (the best drink available)

Computing - personal computing is one of my other enthusiasms in life - not because of what it is, but because of what it allows you to do (this is the obvious reason I suppose). From the times of the Sinclair, to the Commodore-64, to the 8088-10 MHz, to the 80486-33/66, to the Pentium 100, then the P166, then to the P4-2GHz that put this site (unfinished though it may be) together, then to the Pentium Quad system that I presently use, it has been about a 30 year journey that many of us have made. The page linked has great links to hardware, software, and programming.

Philosophy? - check out this page if you want to try to understand yourself more clearly. I have included some thoughts on how technology has affected our lives and what may be in store for the future.

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