Geri and I met at Ryerson: I was in Radio/Television and she was in the School of Fashion (although she spent most of her time in RTA). At graduation, she went to CBC Television doing the busy off-camera stuff.
  I worked in Radio after graduation: on-air first, then Program Director and Management. My Ryerson connection took me back to a career teaching in RTA. I also went back to shool as a student: U of T (BA) and Syracuse U (MSc).
  Teaching included performance, direction and I developed a particular interest in new technologies in the 1970's: IBM computers, multi-track recording and the sound-and-picture relationship. This world led me into the internet.
   At retirement, I became increasingly involved with computer programming, Seniors projects and related organizations. Then came the move to hosting/building web sites, teaching the WWW......I was webmaster (volunteer) for 15 sites over 20 years starting in 1996. They included Ryerson's ACT2 and LIFE. Then followed St. John's Ambulance Kingston, Canadian Pensioners Concerned, plus Artists, Personal, Family and various Senior's Groups.
       Geri and I keep "on the go" We have travelled (Geri worked for a travel agency in the 70's and 80's).......and we enjoy the TSO, Ballet, Shaw, Stratford and Movies.


...the Family Ryerson Walter Pitman Award

  • Ryerson (Dipl)
  • U of T (BA)
  • Syracuse U. (MSc)