Robb & Dana's Adventure
in the Mayan Riviera



Background For Christmas, 2001, Robb and I decided to go to Mexico for a MUCH needed vacation.  We chose a resort in the Mayan Riviera called Xpu-Ha Palace.  Xpu-Ha means the meeting of fresh water and sea water.  The name is very appropriate, as there are underground rivers, sinkholes called "cenotes" and estuaries on the property.  The resort is set on a former ecological reserve, and all accomodations/restaurants and buildings are set in a very lush, mangrove jungle environment.  There are wildlife exhibits all over the property, including an Aviary, Serpentarium, Crocodile/Turtle exhibit and more!  We kayaked in the cenote and the ocean, we snorkeled, sat on the beach and took some excursions away from the resort.  Please view our pictures below taken on our new digital camera.  

Note:  We tended to take many shots of each other, which doesn't make for many exciting pics, sorry.  Please give us your feedback anyway by clicking here.


The music you may be hearing (if you are using IE) was played while we viewed and recorded some Mayans at the Tulum Ruins performing a traditional ceremony hanging from a large pole.  This is usually done at the winter and summer solstice, but now it is more of a tourist attraction, (as is much of the Mayan Riviera), but fascinating none-the-less.  The musician that played the drum and flute-like instrument is the guy that stays at the top.

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At the airport, waiting, which was probably foreshadowing a lot of the waiting we were about to experience in Mexico.
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Here is Robb on our first day there, right before we began waiting to meet with our hotel representatives.
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Some of the cool plant-life found at the resort.
DSC00012.JPG (93041 bytes)

The sign leading to the serpent....arium. 
(South Park fans will get that)
DSC00014.JPG (96494 bytes)

This is a shot of our balcony from inside the room.  We even had breakfast delivered one morning!

DSC00017.JPG (93649 bytes)

Another shot from the balcony.

DSC00021.JPG (91790 bytes)

A shot of the ocean from the left side of our balcony.

DSC00022.JPG (91304 bytes)

Robb taking it easy on the balcony hammock.

DSC00023.JPG (94687 bytes)

Robb taking it easy on our loungy thing.

DSC00025.JPG (90910 bytes)

Robb trying to catch me on film.

DSC00033.JPG (77423 bytes)

The beautiful lobby bar chandelier at night.

DSC00040.JPG (97882 bytes)

The walkway underneath the large serpent roof from the lobby to the lobby bar.

DSC00041.JPG (94969 bytes)

Another shot of the lobby bar.
DSC00049.JPG (93447 bytes)

A shot from inside the Oriental/Italian/Mexican restaurant.  Depended on the day.  20 min. wait every day and they wouldn't take reservations. Didn't enjoy the food.

DSC00064.JPG (96270 bytes)

2 of the crocodiles in the croc exhibit.  Robb thought that they were animatronic as they didn't move much, but they were real...

DSC00065.JPG (85593 bytes)

...very real.

DSC00066.JPG (94780 bytes)

Robb waiting for the tour bus to arrive to take us to Tulum.  Yep it's 7:30 am, can you tell?

DSC00067.JPG (87357 bytes)

This is "El Castillo" at the ruins of Tulum.  One of the only sites on the edge of the ocean.  Quite beautiful, but we couldn't go inside anything.

DSC00069.JPG (97534 bytes)

This is a grave site at Tulum.

DSC00071.JPG (90476 bytes)

This is a detail on one of the ruins.

DSC00073.JPG (86860 bytes)

Another shot of El Castillo.

DSC00074.JPG (97621 bytes)

More at Tulum.

DSC00075.JPG (97944 bytes)

This is me paying close attention to "Raymon" our tour guide at Tulum.

DSC00076.JPG (93245 bytes)

Each building has a small hole to allow the winter/summer solstice light to line up perfectly at sunrise/sunset.  Pretty cool.

DSC00078.JPG (84786 bytes)

One of the buildings that they believe illustrates the demise of the Mayan civic areas.  Very unusual to have a building lopsided.  They feel this was built shortly before Tulum was abandoned.

DSC00079.JPG (91438 bytes)

More Tulum.

DSC00080.JPG (91038 bytes)

Another detail.

DSC00083.JPG (87295 bytes)

Side of El Castillo which perches on a cliff overlooking the ocean.

DSC00085.JPG (95136 bytes)

To give you an idea of the # of tourists and crowds we experienced on Christmas Day.

DSC00091.JPG (89107 bytes)

The steps leading up the front of El Castillo.  Due to # of tourists and damage to the ruins, no-one can climb up them anymore.

DSC00095.JPG (96995 bytes)

Me at Tulum desperately trying to find shade,  it was really hot!

DSC00098.JPG (89778 bytes)

Another shot from the cliff.

DSC00101.JPG (96943 bytes)

A shot from the cliff looking down at the ocean.  Beautiful color!

DSC00103.JPG (87037 bytes)

More ocean view.

DSC00102.JPG (96953 bytes)

Beautiful.  I should have climbed down and gone for a swim...

DSC00106.JPG (90616 bytes)

...but it looked pretty steep.

DSC00112.JPG (85349 bytes)

More shade-seeking.  This didn't turn out but I like it for some reason.

DSC00116.JPG (90126 bytes) DSC00117.JPG (92054 bytes)

Robb taking a turn in front of the camera.

DSC00118.JPG (93178 bytes) DSC00119.JPG (90116 bytes) DSC00120.JPG (90029 bytes)

Another hole.

DSC00123.JPG (88527 bytes) DSC00124.JPG (92638 bytes) DSC00130.JPG (75132 bytes)

The Mayan Pole Guys at Tulum.

DSC00131.JPG (80943 bytes)

I captured them spinning on video, but you can see how high they are.

DSC00136.JPG (81673 bytes)

This is me walking along the trail at Xel-Ha, a snorkeling/lagoon waterpark "extraordinaire".  Too crowded for me. These are our snokels that they provided. 

DSC00137.JPG (86579 bytes)

A shot of the lagoon at Xel-Ha.  Some say "Blue Lagoon: was filmed here.

DSC00148.JPG (91237 bytes)

Robb taking a break at Xel-Ha.

DSC00149.JPG (78322 bytes)

Some fishies in the water.

DSC00150.JPG (90916 bytes)

Robb walking along one of the trails.

DSC00152.JPG (90566 bytes)

The trails at Xel-Ha have a bunch little written pieces about the preservation of the environment.

DSC00154.JPG (88494 bytes)

Isn't he cute?

DSC00162.JPG (94109 bytes)

More at Xel-Ha.

DSC00177.JPG (84469 bytes)

This is me getting a henna tattoo at the beach of our resort.

DSC00179.JPG (93162 bytes)

Pizza delivery in Mexico.

DSC00182.JPG (96541 bytes)

Robb getting ready for our ATV jungle tour.

DSC00183.JPG (87341 bytes)

Robb and I on our ATV.  Much fun!

DSC00184.JPG (71874 bytes)

REALLY big grasshopper!

DSC00185.JPG (83791 bytes)

Part of the ATV tour included us getting our own boat and zooming around.  What a blast.  One of our favorite days.

DSC00192.JPG (87209 bytes)


DSC00196.JPG (97775 bytes)

It was hard to hold!  Very prickly.  No worries, I put him back.

DSC00199.JPG (87784 bytes)

A super zoom from the lagoon-side restaurant at our restaurant.

DSC00200.JPG (85633 bytes)

Zoomed-out.  Great snorkeling right here.  Water gets cloudy where the fresh water from the cenote meets the ocean.

DSC00254.JPG (85849 bytes)

Robb's favorite T from our honeymoon in St. Lucia.

DSC00255.JPG (90029 bytes)

On our way to "Isla de Mujeres" - The island of Women.  Party boat with lots of dancing.  Yes, I think my eyes may be closed.

DSC00261.JPG (92401 bytes)

This is called a "Coati".  He was at our resort.

DSC00290.JPG (78534 bytes)

This is me kayaking on the ocean the day we left.

DSC00298.JPG (76633 bytes)

From under our grass umbrella on the beach.

DSC00307.JPG (89951 bytes)

Enjoying our drinks on the beach.

DSC00309.JPG (90853 bytes)

Give us a smile, luv.

DSC00313.JPG (82265 bytes)

Sandy toes.

DSC00326.JPG (79380 bytes)

Beach bum.

DSC00331.JPG (82556 bytes)

Another beach shot.

DSC00332.JPG (90254 bytes)

Robb trying to catch me while traveling around the resort on a golf cart.  

DSC00337.JPG (90666 bytes)

A shot from the golf cart heading back to our room.

DSC00338.JPG (91716 bytes)

This is what the rooms looked like.  We had a top level with jacuzzi tub.  It was great but our fuse blew a times: "El Fusibol Rotto!"

DSC00341.JPG (80145 bytes)

A shot of one of the pools.  So nice and not crowded.  Spent a day here, reading and swimming.

DSC00347.JPG (90785 bytes)

Another shot of the rooms.

DSC00352.JPG (92442 bytes)

One of the walkways at the resort.  All the walkways were interesting and beautifully lit at night.

DSC00354.JPG (92657 bytes)

A neat bench.

DSC00355.JPG (68581 bytes)

A neat Mayan Statue/fountain at the resort.

DSC00357.JPG (90495 bytes)

Where our room was located on the resort. We had to change it the first night.  Only problem was the new room was RIGHT beside the outdoor theatre where they did the nightly shows.

DSC00362.JPG (86464 bytes)

Our favorite exhibit at the resort was of the Tiger Cat or "Tigrillo" as we called him.  Reminded us of our boys.

DSC00360.JPG (95007 bytes)

And here he is!

DSC00366.JPG (96591 bytes)

A neat little statue of a Mexican deer.


Thanks for Visiting!

~Robb & Dana~