About Me

KIM BREWSTER has been working with Stained Glass for over twenty- five years as the owner-operator of 'Au Coin du Vitrail' (established 1979) At her studio/boutique in St. Sauveur (124 rue Principale) Kim designs and manufactures custom stained glass windows and lamps for clients in both the 'Copper foil' and 'ancient lead channeling' methods. She does original Stained glass painted church windows as well as restorations. She makes unique fused glass bowls, tiles and lamps. Kim gives basic stained glass courses for beginners and advanced students. As well she teaches courses in glass fusing and painting on glass. For the last twenty years she has also helped to organize and run various art shows in St. Sauveur, including for the Festival D'Arts. Kim is a member of the Minister of Culture of Quebec and listed as a professional artist in the integration of Art and Architecture. Kim holds a Bachelor of Art's degree from Concordia University 1977.

She is also a professional member of the the following associations:

  • Metiers d'art du Quebec and Espace Verre.
  • Conseil des Metier D'arts des Laurentides
  • Centre International Du Vitrail Chartres, France


    • Formation of different glass techniques with Espace Verre - Metiers d'art du Quebec in 2003.
    • Painting on glass and glass fusing in France (Bretagne) with stained glass master 'Jihel Bay' in 1988, 1989 and 1990.
    • Glass fusing and painting on glass at Verrere d'art Classique in 1985.
    • Painting on glass at Studio du Verre with Theo Lubbers in 1984.