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The ~infoweaver Audio CD
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About this CD:

selections from ~infoweaver and a composition for film by Kristi Allik, MAMA CD-M005

The music on this CD consists of two pieces both of which are from the music from ~infoweaver. the work was commissioned by New Music Concerts of Toronto in 2000.

  1. Machine Symphony (2001) [10:36]. Remix of original sound sources of ~infoweaver by Kristi A Allik for a movie by the same name.
  2. Soundtrack for the demonstration movie (2001) [28:18] This is a re-mix of the live performance of ~infoweaver performed for New Music Concerts at the Robert Gill Theatre in Toronto mixed with layers of original sources created by Allik for the performance. Re-mix by Robert Mulder.

November 20, 2003