Description of the audio CD Skyharp:The Skyline Variations, containing a music track from the interactive electroacoustic installation Skyharp, a soundscape instalation by Robert Mulder an Kristi A Allik.

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Skyline Variations CD, 61 minutes of amazing music
The Skyharp Audio CD
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About this CD:

The skyline Variations. [61:20]. 1997, MAMA CD-001
by Kristi Allik and Robert Mulder

Based on the idea that small is good we are creating a limited number of these custom burned CD's. Each copy contains four sections of music based on information that was originally recorded at the 1992 Glenn Gould Conference. We have connected the video tape, recorded during the original installation, to a computer system that analyzes a section of the rapidly moving crown of a immature Locust tree situated in front of Roy Thomson Hall, downtown Toronto. In this case we ran the video image through a special designed dynamic analysis program and thus re-created the entire composition. The sound was mixed-down from the original 8 hour, 9 channel synthesized sound track, originally intended for specially constructed speakers, to a stereo track for conventional loudspeakers.

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Last Updated:November 20, 2003