Description of the audio CD Synergy, a collection of compositions by composer Kristi A Allik.

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The Synergy Audio CD
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About this CD:

compositions by Kristi Allik, MAMA CD-M002
, [66:11]

The music on this CD is a collection of various works by the composer dating from 1989 until 1995, ranging from the acoustic/orchestral to entirely electroacoustic. Although these works were composed for very different purposes, they all share Allik's unique compositional style, an intense interplay of aural textures, foreground shapes and the intense suspense woven in between.

This is a demonstration CD, please enquire how to obtain a copy.

  1. Three textures (1989/1992) [12:51].
  2. Electronic Purgatory, Hell (1992) [10:07] live electroacoustics.
  3. Illustrated Earth (1992) [12:28]
  4. Nel Mezzo del Cammin di Nostra Vita. 1995. [12:54]
  5. Rhapsody (1987). [17:51].
Last updated: November 20, 2003