Penn Diner (Phillies)


Since I'm building a backlot city street, I thought it would be a fine place to have Phillies, the diner/coffee shop from the Edward Hopper painting titled "Nighthawks".


This is the view that most closely matches the original. There is a side by side comparison between this render and the original paining at the page bottom.


A long shot of the entire building on the backlot. If you're curious about the design and construction process, I've posted series of work-in-progress renders.


A close-up of the interior.


A close-up of the entrance. The price of the specials come from a Web image of a menu of the proper vintage.



The diner under a sunny blue sky.


Here's a side by side comparison of my best render with Hopper's original. Clearly I've made way too many compromises to claim a convincing copy. The lady in red is out of the room for reasons discussed here. The facade across the street is wrong and too far away but I wanted to both use Hopper's "Early Sunday Morning" facade and make the street wide enough to accommodate rails for a locomotive or street car. The street light has to be in the shot to both support the street car's high voltage feed wire and to cast enough light across the street. And don't ask me to explain how I can be fairly close on the perspective of objects within the diner and then have the angle of the background street be so "off". At any rate, if I do say so myself, I think my lighting has better "middle of the night" atmosphere. Let's just call it an homage to the original.

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