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Cruising Grounds

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WHEEL1.JPG (903 bytes) Stompin' Grounds So far we've covered a good deal of Southern Ontario!
WHEEL1.JPG (903 bytes) Kawartha Lakes A chain of lakes along the Trent Severn Waterway!
WHEEL1.JPG (903 bytes) Bay of Quinte Access to Lake Ontario, St. Lawrence River, and the 1000 Islands!
WHEEL1.JPG (903 bytes) Parry Sound Beautiful daysailing and weekending with access to Georgian Bay!
WHEEL1.JPG (903 bytes) Georgian Bay Just smaller than Lake Ontario and home of the 30,000 Islands!
WHEEL1.JPG (903 bytes) North Channel Premium freshwater cruising grounds of the world!
WHEEL1.JPG (903 bytes) Where Now? If we ever get out of Ontario, there's some places I'd like to see...

Stompin' Grounds

Before one can sail, one must decide where to sail. This can be a curse to a trailer sailor! You see, I was born in Picton Ontario, just off the Bay of Quinte, and my first mate Ondine was born in Parry Sound, just off Georgian Bay. To make matters worse, we live in Peterborough, the heart of the Kawartha Lakes. Every spring we ponder, "Where will we put Serendipity this year"? On the other hand, it's a darn good thing we're trailer sailors, or we'd spend all our time with the mast down in the Trent Severn Waterway, going back and forth between the two. all.gif (178044 bytes)

Kawartha Lakes

When we first bought Serendipity, we trailered out to Chemong Lake, just 5 miles north of Peterborough Ontario.

It's about 6 miles long from the causeway in Bridgenorth to the Northeast end, and about a mile wide at the widest. For learning to sail in the last two weeks of the season, it was great.

We returned here for the summer of 1998, but despite access to Buckhorn Lake as well, we found it too small and weedy, after having a taste of larger waters and further destinations. While we enjoyed having Serendipity close to home, halfway through the season we trailered up to Parry Sound.

Click "Kawartha Lakes" to view our photo album hosted by www.photopoint.com

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Bay Of Quinte

For our first full season in 1997, we rented a slip at Morch Marina in Belleville Ont. Though 65 miles from Peterborough, we went out on Serendipity every weekend, including several trips to Picton, a couple trips to Kingston, and a two week trip to the 1000 islands.

The water clears up a lot from Amhearst Island eastward.

Click "Bay of Quinte" to view our photo album hosted by www.photopoint.com

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Parry Sound

For the last half of 1998 and all of 1999, we sailed Parry Sound which is about 16 miles long, 12 miles wide, 300 feet deep, and always has a steady 10 -15 knots blowing from the southwest.

In 1998 we kept Serendipity in Deep Bay, however low water levels in 1999 necessitated renting a slip at Carling Bay Marina.

During this time, I conversed with Bill and Bunny Trent over the internet on many occasions, describing the beautiful sailing we enjoyed in Parry Sound.

When they purchased Bluey (Grampion 26), they sailed her up to Carling Bay and though our slips were only 200 feet apart, somehow we haven't yet met face to face. (Out on the water too much I guess, if that's possible).

In 1999, Parry Sound hosted the Ontario Shark 24 championships.

Click "Parry Sound" to view our photo album hosted by www.photopoint.com

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Georgian Bay

While Parry Sound makes for wonderful daysailing and weekending, if you have a little more time on your hands, you can venture out into Georgian Bay and the 30,000 islands.

During our summer vacation in 1998, we headed down the South Channel (yellow route) from Parry Sound, anchoring overnight in Squirrel Cove, Frying Pan Island (at Henry's Fish Restaurant) and finally landing at Wreck Island to check out the Wabuno wreck.

During a weeks vacation in 1999, we headed North, making anchorage's in Regatta Bay at Franklin Island, and then onto Shawanaga Island.

We've been told there's good  and private anchoring for small boats on the west side of Franklin Island but we ran into a 20 knot headwind and 6 foot steep chop. After a half hour of pounding we decided it wasn't worth it and turned back to Regatta Bay.

Click "Georgian Bay" to view our photo album hosted by www.photopoint.com

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North Channel

Without a doubt, the best sailing we've had to date, was during a two week vacation in 1999. We trailered north of Parry Sound about 120 miles to Kilarney Ontario.

We anchored the first night in Snug Harbour, and the second at  Strawberry Island (where we just made it before the fiercest thunderstorm I've ever seen hit). Then we passed through Little Current and onto Mosquito Island where we snorkelled a wreck, spending the following night at Clapperton Island before reaching Kagawong.

On our return, we anchored overnight at Heywood Island, then Mary Anne Cove in Baie Fine, and finally at Covered Portage Cove (another thunderstorm) before returning to Kilarney.

Click "North Channel" to view our photo album hosted by www.photopoint.com

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Where Now?

Well, we've still got a lot of Ontario to see. We haven't decided where we'll rent a slip this year, could be back in Parry Sound again, maybe the Muskoka Lakes out of Gravenhurst, or maybe Picton, they're all fine spots.

For our summer vacation, we'll probably head back up to the North Channel and cover the western portion this year. (Haven't seen the Benjamin Islands yet, and they're supposed to be awesome). We really enjoyed great times with all the friendly people we met this year, maybe we'll run into them or others like them in 2000.

We did head down to the Annapolis Boat Show in Maryland this year, partly to see what all the hoopla was about (Wow there's a lotta boats!) and partly to check out the drive to Chesapeake Bay.

We've discussed a number of future destinations outside Ontario, but the ones that keep popping up are:

Lake Champlain, Vermont
Bras D'or Lakes, Nova Scotia
Chesapeake Bay
Pamlico Sound
Florida Keys
Bahamas, (Yep, if all goes well, someday Serendipity is gonna see the islands)!

So if you're ever out on the water and see "Serendipity" painted across the stern of a tiny little "odd looking" fractional rigged sloop, hail us on the VHF and say...

"Hey, aren't you that couple from the Serendipity web page?"

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