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Everything You Need To Know About Small Yacht Cruising

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Sailing is a pastime that many believe is only available to the wealthy. However, acquiring a small sailboat, learning to harness the power of the wind, and embarking on exciting sailing adventures is within the grasp of almost anyone.

Rod Brandon: Technical Marketing (investigating career opportunities)

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It’s like having a cottage that isn’t always in the same place.
It’s like camping without having to find a campsite.
From the North Channel of Lake Huron to the Gulf of Mexico, we've met the friendliest people you could ever imagine.

Ondine Brandon, Accounting Clerk, Kawartha Credit Union Ltd.
Dateline: July 10, 2003.

Today, we transferred ownership of "Serendipity" to new sailors starting out on their own adventures. We now trailer sail our 1988 MacGregor 26 "SeaQuell", our second boat in the continuing saga, taming the larger waters of Georgian Bay and beyond.

We will continue to maintain the Ensenada 20 information on this site, as this fine craft will remain an integral part in the history of our trailer sailing adventures.

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