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Rolf Paloheimo

The Toronto Demonstration project

- how it works.

Each house has its own water supply using a dedicated rain water cistern, biological filtration and ozone disinfection. Fitered rainwater is used at the following fixtures;

    kitchen sink,automatic dishwasher,bathroom sinks three of them.

In addition, each home has it's own biological wastewater reclamation system. The reclamation system is used to treat all wastes, and the product water from it is used for the following purposes;

    toilet flushing,laundry,bathing and showering,garden irrigation.

20 cubic metre cistern saves rain water Rain water is collected on the roof Rainwater is collected from the roof Rainwater is filtered and disinfected Biological wastewater treatment removes impurities. Recycled and Fresh water is used in the bathrooms Only fresh water is used in the kitchen. Excess reclaimed water irrigates the garden

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