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Rolf Paloheimo

Selected projects

The Healthy House System has been implimented in a number of pilot and demonstration projects in addition to the Toronto house.

A Vancouver demonstration project is highlighed here and here. CMHC profiled the project as well.

The Healthy House System is included in an ongoing demonstration by the Northwest Territories Housing Corporation, it was profiled by CMHC.

The Bye the Sea B & B in Iqaluit includes a Healthy House System, it has been profiled by Nunatsiaq News.

The City Council of Iqaluit is planning a project using the Healthy House System, Nunatsiaq news carried an article about it, Apex to get water-recycling system, Project would slash water consumption and costs, says city.

The City held a public meeting in Apex to discuss the project, which was reported on twice by Nunatsiaq news.