Your Local Planet Friendly Toner Solution
We are your local planet friendly laser toner solution.  It is possible to get superb laser prints, save money, and reduce your environmental impact all at the same time.
Our Made in Canada cartridges have the same print quality and page yield as new cartridges.  We Guarantee it!  Badger Laser Toner cartridges are 30 – 60% less expensive than new ones and they will not void the warranty on your new printer.
Every cartridge comes with 100% money back guarantee!  
Remanufactured - Not Just Refilled
 If you have tried non-original cartridges in the past and have been disappointed, you are alone. Asian knock-offs and “Drill & Fill” have proven that they cannot match the quality of originals, even though they may appear cheap at first.  We will not remanufacture Asian counterfeits, as their poor quality components cannot ensure a working cartridge. If a cartridge doesn’t work properly, it’s not a bargain at any price.