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Welcome to “Krynn According to Ron”. A web site created for my roleplaying groups which are set within the Dragonlance Campaign Setting. The following pages hold campaign and character information, maps, histories, and on-going session notes. You will also find house rules, miscellaneous tidbits, and links to other great roleplaying sites. Not just official company sites, but also the pages of my friends who run games where I have a presence.

On Krynn, Gilean may be the know-it-all Great Sage and Tas the worldly Great Traveler, but on this site tales are told of Dragonlance according to me.



Pirates of the Spanish Main - Hunt for treasure, sink your enemies


Magic the Gathering The original game. Includes Mathew D. Wilson foils
Dungeons & Dragons Figures Want List Archfiend, Underdark, War of the Dragon Queen and Blood Wars
Dungeons & Dragons Figures All sets Lists of extras of what I have to date
Mage Knight Expansions Multiple sets need finishing


Past history starting at Fair Meadows (Level 1 - 8)
Chaos Wars (Level 9 - 11)
Evil brewing on Krynn (Level 12 - 16)

The Militia Prestige Class
Dragon Mountain - First in the series of Militia Campaigns. Attack of the Orc.
The Battle of survival: The final Orc encounter - coming soon
The ruin of an Empire: The Orc Hoarde are everywhere - coming soon
The Time of Huma: Honour reborn - coming soon
Rebuild an Empire: The Fall of DragonKind - coming soon


Chaos Wars

Darien Strongblade Played by Rob a Knight who lost his honor
Kolos Cohort of Darien Bull headed
Fiera Dromar Played by Glen a wizard set on revenge
Dante Smith Played by Lance from level 9
Nightlord Played by Tommy A Devil from the Abyss
Ba'Das Played by Eric Played by Sacha from level 5
Gerrard Reed Played by Ryan a thief from Palanthas

Dragon Mountain

Binky Smash Played by Eric a Half Giant on loan from the Infintry
Cleric Played by Ryan Always getting captured
Syn Played by Lance a Whisper Gnome with delusions of grandure
Addo... Played by Dave a Dwarven Fighter who hides very well (Not)
Ember Played by John a female human Monk
Mayhem Played by Neil a Ninja in disguise and a Pyro


28Sep06 - Added The Militia prestige class and the first campaign Dragon Mountain - Attack of the Orc.
05Jul05 - Added Pirates link as a separate web page.
19Jun05 - Added Pirates complete listing of all ships, crew, forts, events and unique treasure.
10Jun05 - Added Pirates of the Revelution want list.
06Mar05 - Added Pirates of the Crimson Coast want list.
23Oct04 - Added Pirates of the Spanish Main want list.
17Jul04 - Modified want lists. Rearanged main page.
02May04 - Added The Art of Jeremy Jarvis link.
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03Sep03 - Added another new campaign.
02Sep03 - Added 1 new feature campaign. Updated Chaos War campaign.
29Aug03 - Site goes live.


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