Comet Hale-Bopp

10.1'' reflector  43x 
March 16, 1997  3:30 UT 
Very well defined tail extending beyond the field of view. Wedge-shaped coma.
10.1'' reflector  192 x 
March 16, 1997  3:50 UT 
A sketch without the background stars. Slight hood-effect from gas emissions can be clearly identified.

naked eye
March 26, 1997  4:35 UT
Near the constellation Cassiopeia

10.1'' reflector  96 x 
March 27, 1997  4:10 UT
Hood-effect from gases shooting forward from the coma then back again can be seen very clearly. At least three concentric shells are visible. The left portion of the tail appears slightly brighter than the right side.


8x50mm finderscope 
March 27, 1997  4:35 UT
The tail at this magnification has a very broad fan-shape. A thin bright streak extends down the lower edge of the tail from the coma, corresponding to the brighter portion of the tail identified in the previous sketch (above right).