Comet Linear S4 C/1999

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10.1'' reflector  43x 
July 20, 2000   3:00 UT 
Easy to spot about 2 degrees NNW of omicron (o) UMaj. Fairly bright fan-shaped tail extending 10' from the coma, fading for another 10' after that. Coma is very bright appearing as a point source without detail. Predicted magnitude was 5.7 for this date, but appears to be much dimmer, probably 7.0-7.2. Not visible to the naked eye, barely visible in the 8x50mm finder. Perihelion was July 25, with closest approach to Earth July 22. Moon is 4 days past full.

North is at 7 o'clock.

10.1'' reflector  231 x 
July 20, 2000   3:20 UT 
Tail appears slightly brighter on the top edge at this power. No detail visible in the coma.

North is at 7 o'clock.