Comet Lulin


10.1" reflector  36x  with broadband filter 
February 28
, 2009   3:40 UT 
Comet Lulin initially in the Orion 80mm Short tube refractor with the 18mm UWA ep. (22x  3degrees 41' fov). Located about 4 degrees west of Regulus. Not as bright as I expected, it took a few minutes and a few tries to locate. Slightly condensed at the core, the tail appears with averted vision to be running eastward slightly. At 96x the coma looks very star-like. The comet is running very fast across the sky, estimate about 6' over 40 minutes of time. The dashed line in the sketch represents the path the comet took while sketching it.

North is at 5 o'clock, East at 2 o'clock