elliptical galaxy in Leo

10.1" reflector   96 x  Speers-Waler ep.

M105 is located about 50' north of M96. It is a circular-shaped elliptical galaxy (left-most in the image above) appearing about 2' in size, fairly well condensed. About 8' or 9' north-east is NGC 3384, another elliptical galaxy that appears almost a mirror-image of M105. About 8' south-east of NGC 3384 is NGC 3389, a spiral galaxy appearing as a ghostly nebular structure, fairly dim about 6' in length. NGC 3389 has a constant brightness across the face with little to no concentration towards the center. Interestingly, M105 is about the same size overall as NGC 3389 in actuality (about 5' to 6' across), it just doesn't appear that way visually in the telescope.

North is at 5 o'clock, East is at 2 o'clock