globular cluster in Pegasus

M15_231098_96x_400p.jpg (42475 bytes)

10.1" reflector   96 x

Condensed globular, very rich in stars. A couple of streamers or spokes are visible, one towards the north (bottom-left) and another towards the south-east (right). Roughly 40-50 stars are resolvable, apparent size approximately 8' across.

10.1'' reflector    Mallincam DS432cTEC with 0.5 focal reducer
Live-stacked frames = 1, Exposure = 2 sec, Gain = 30/250

Very similar appearance and size when viewing through the Mallincam. Listed at 33,600 light years away, M15 is one of the most condensed and oldest globulars, estimated to be about 12.5 billion years old.

North is at 1 o'clock, East at 10 o'clock