Eagle Nebula in Serpens

M16_190798_43x_400p.jpg (26634 bytes)

10.1" reflector   43 x

A bright open star cluster surrounded by nebula. Little detail is visible in the nebula although it is quite bright. Roughly rectangular in shape, with a portion of it coming to a point on the north-east (bottom-right) edge.

10.1'' f/4.5   Mallincam DS432cTEC with 0.5 focal reducer
Exposures = 7-10-15-19 sec, Gain = 12/250, Live Stacked frames = 30-20-10-10 (70 total)

Image of M16 and its environs. The eagle-shaped outline is clearly visible south-east of the star cluster. The "Pillars of Creation" region made famous by the 1995 photo from the Hubble Space Telescope is clearly visible as the talons and head of the eagle plus a third larger pillar above the eagle's head. This is a star-forming region many light years across. Many dark cloud structures can be seen cutting through brighter red portions across the nebula.. M16 is about 70 light years across and 5700 light years distant.

North at 12 o'clock, East at 9 o'clock