Dumb-bell Nebula in Vulpecula

10.1'' reflector  115 x

An impressive planetary nebula even at low power. Two lobes easily discerned, the upper lobe (SW) slightly bigger and brighter than the lower one (NE). The disk appears slighly oblong along the north-south axis. Central star could not be seen. Roughly 7' across apparent size.

10.1'' reflector  Mallincam DS432cTEC
Live-stacked frames = 15-15-15 (45 total), Exposures = 15 sec, Whitepoints = 255-220-180, Gain = 10/250

In this image M27's NE and SW lobes have a very red tinge on the edges. The SE and NW hollower areas have softer edges that bleed-off into the background stars more gradually with filamentary shapes within. Lots of intricate knotty detail is visible in red and cyan colours within the core of the nebula, details that are not visible through the eyepiece. The central star is visible too. M27 is 1360 light years away and about one and a half light years across. Early on in the exposure a satellite passed through the upper portion of the frame.

North at 10 o'clock, East at 7 o'clock