the Triangulum Galaxy

10.1'' reflector  36 x

Found M33 easily as a hazy blob in the 8x50mm finderscope about 4 degrees East-North-East from Alpha Trianguli. In the 10" at low power with 1 degree 20' field of view can best see this low surface brightness and extended galaxy. Appears slightly oblong in the NE-SW direction; the galaxy appears slightly brighter in the top (SW) portion of the sketch. Slight condensation, round at the core which appears to be about 7' across - entire galaxy appears to be about 25' across. I have searched many times for this galaxy in the city and suburbs without luck, it takes a dark sky site to be able to locate.

North is at 5 o'clock, East at 2 o'clock

10.1'' reflector    Mallincam DS432cTEC with 0.5 focal reducer
Live-stacked frames = 20-25 (45 total), Exposures = 15-25 sec, Gain = 15/250

Similar to the previous sketch, the size of M33 as seen from the city via EAA techniques (Mallincam) appears to be about 25' across, with the brighter portion appearing in the SW or bottom-half of the disk. A great deal more detail though is visible, various light and dark concentrations, dust clouds, and HII regions throughout the loose spiral arm structure can be seen. One such region is NGC 604, appearing as a slightly blurred bright star at about 10 o'clock from the core. M33 is thought to be a satellite of M31 and is approximately the same distance (slightly further) away.

North is at 11 o'clock, East at 8 o'clock