open cluster in Gemini

10.1'' reflector 64 x
Easily spotted in the 8x50mm finderscope as a faint collection of stars near one of the feet of Gemini. The field of view at 64x is largely filled with stars, almost impossible to plot the multitude of stars that exist between the brighter stars. At the core of the open cluster lies a pretty orange and blue pair of stars (orange at bottom and slightly brighter). The pair form the base of a V-shape in the cluster. There are about 10-12 stars of the same magnitude of the pair, with a multitude of other fainter stars forming various parallelogram shapes in between. Estimate about 150 stars or so in the field of view, 25' across at the core. A lot of other bright star pairs and chains of stars outside of the field of view, spectacular!

Cluster is about 2200 light years away.

North at 6 o'clock, East at 3 o'clock