M42 and M43
The Orion Nebula


2.4'' refractor  28 x
This image is upsidedown and switched left-right relative to the other drawings on this page. M43 is the small starlike object directly above (at 12 o'clock) the main nebula M42.
10.1" reflector   43 x  (with nebula filter)
The "Trapezium" is the little collection of four stars right behind the "mouth" in the center of the drawing. M43 is the smaller nebula below the main nebula (sometimes referred to as the Comma Nebula).


10.1" reflector   96 x
Can see lots of detail in the nebula at this magnification, especially in the area directly behind the Trapezium and the wispy "mandibles" to the upper-right and lower-left. The nebula takes on a very distinct 3D look at 96x and 192x with a lot of mottled features across the image.
10.1'' reflector   Mallincam DS432cTEC
Exposure: 4 sec, Gain: 2/250, Frames: 20