globular cluster in Serpens Caput

10.1'' reflector  96 x
A highly concentrated sphere of stars about 10' in size. Very bright towards the center and slightly elongated from upper left to lower right (Burnham's puts it at P.A.=50 degrees). This globular is both smaller and brighter than M4.

North at 2 o'clock, East at 11 o'clock

10.1'' reflector  Mallincam DS432cTEC
Exposures = 2.5 sec, Gain = 20/250, Live Stacked frames = 90
An impressive sight through the eyepiece and videocam. The brightness of the core makes it difficult to resolve stars near the center. According to Robert Burnham, John Herschel once described it as a cosmic snowball. The core appears flattened on the lower left side. The bright star at upper-right about 20' away is 5 Serpentis; it is actually a double star, the companion being about 11 arc seconds in the 5 o'clock position making the primary appear slightly elongated in that direction. M5 is listed at about 24,000 light years away and contains about a 1/4 million suns.

North at 1 o'clock, East at 10 o'clock