globular cluster in Sagittarius

10.1'' reflector  231 x

A very large spectacular globular cluster, easily spotted in finderscope. Very uniform brightness spread right across the disk, almost no concentration whatsoever. About 30-50 stars resolve easily, hundreds on the edge of resolved with averted vision. Only a small percentage of its stars exceed 14th magnitude. Appears to be 10-12' across. The eveness of the concentration (or lack thereof) makes it look somewhat like a large bluish planetary nebulae at low power. Flammarion described it as "a large agglomeration of stars uniformly distributed and immersed in a pale nebulosity."  Located 7 degrees ESE from zeta Sagittarii.

North at 7 o'clock, East at 4 o'clock.

10.1'' reflector  96

At lower powers this globular cluster barely shows any concentration towards the center. A single bright star stands out at the center. Cluster has a very distinct bluish tinge. Distance is listed as 17,000 light years, among the closest of the globulars.

North at 7 o'clock, East at 4 o'clock.