spiral galaxy in Virgo

10.1'' reflector  43x with filter
Appears very similar in size and shape to its neighbour M59 about 1 degree to the east, only M58 is slightly more concentrated and oblong. The "Siamese twins" galaxies NGC 4567 and 4568 lie half a degree to the south-west but could not be seen.

10.1'' reflector  Mallincam DS432cTEC  with Nebular filter
Exposures = 10-20 sec, Gain = 35/250, Live Stacked frames = 100

The barred spiral nature of M58 becomes apparent in this photo. Faint arms can be seen extending above and below the core of the small disk. Size is approximately 3' x 2'.

North at 11 o'clock, East at 8 o'clock.