Black Eye Galaxy in Coma Berenices

10.1" reflector   96x

Easily spotted about a degree from 35 Comae. Bright fuzzy patch with a very bright central core. Couldn't detect the dark rift that shows up in long-exposure photographs. Apparent size approximately 7' x 4'.

10.1'' reflector  Mallincam DS432cTEC with Nebular filter 
Max exposure per frame = 20 sec, Gain = 50/250, Live Stacked frames = 72

A beautiful galaxy, the dark rift of the Black Eye is readily apparent in video mode with short exposures on the Mallincam; stacking multiple frames brings out the details! Various shades of dark brown are visible near the core, and a thinner partial dark ring can be seen below the "eyeball"; the outer portions of the galaxy appear creamy-like with subtle concentric rings.

North at 12 o'clock, East at 9 o'clock

10.1'' reflector  Mallincam DS432cTEC with Nebular filter 
Live-stacked frames = 40-20-12 (72 total), Exposures = 10-15-20 sec, Gain = 50/250

Zoomed-in view of the previous image.